In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~162~ They Embrace the Skies ~

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      So many times I have seen on rooftops and in pictures

rows  crowds and groups of black and white pigeons

 sometimes it is a London report  sometimes a survey

    every time it is a treat to see them pick peck and flutter

it is not  need but  hobby that many in the North follow

parrot hen cat and  pigeon is popular than a swallow

for birdlike  pets are good company soft and mellow

‘hey hey hey birdie sing sing sing   ‘a jolly good fellow’

it is all so good to see sit back laugh  and smile

to share the tweets chirps twitters and squeaks

let’s face,  that when humans are stuck on land

  pigeons fly,  in freedom the skies they embrace.

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Color Green ~


Armed with the strength of faith and a sharp skean
treading stealthily through the unknown unseen dene
who so deeply sought the precious embedded sphene?
bitterly tough and rough it was, not at all like gean
passing through desert uphill and down Azbine
weary heavy parched as dryness ached the skin
O’ if only nearby would be a shebeen’
but no’ so near is destination amazing velveteen
do not think of red or white or brown-just Green’
nor the number thirteen nor the grand limousine
Beware’ Beware’ Beware’ the covered unforseen’
O Sweet Cool Hippocrene make me see think write
a colored rainbow all green green and all over green
For Green is Life sweet and fresh forever is the Evergreen’

In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 159 ~ Dreading the Jian ~

The farside



Looking for’ Cormorant’ Balor or Graeae ?
fearful of Cyclops, dreading the Jian ?

O Blackbird” have you lost an eye?
broken a wing, cannot see or fly?

Fear not for thou art free
with one eye you may see
in the darkness of the night
till sleepy sun wakes, to light

evil dead that live to fight
arise from coffins,
a zombie sight, moments
of life tenderly tight

blood sucking creatures
fine apparent features
capped and covered out
of sight,

O Blackbird protect your wings
in the air are dangerous things
you may feel lighter
but life is not light

Beware !

Lurking low in branches
high in the cloudy corners
enemy’s machines n mortars
all set to cut your flight’

Prompt Wordle

NAPOWRIMO ~ Day 11 ~ Anacreontic Verse ~ Immersed ~

napo2014button2The Anacreontic verse or anacreonteus is the seven-syllable line invented by the Greek poet


wine glass.jpg2

be it red or white or sweet

bottled for ages hidden deep

Oh for a few drops to taste

just a little not  much to waste

just to sense the tinkle jingle

drown in as images mingle

let me be not so immersed

lest I be like dust dispersed

in sweetness may I there reach

unseen  love  in silent speech

where resides eternal sleep

pure emotions, heart may keep

In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 155 ~ Ode to ~ A Silent Cart ‘

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As seen in F-9 Park Islamabad

O’ Thou silent symbol of safety mystifying frightening fixed,

while laughter skips around grassy  patches wear  brown

single swings wave joyfully so like excited pendulums

strapped yet suspended, pleated hair flowing  freely

Thou in silence -watch ?

O’ Thou transformed cart’ once maybe a flower mart

who has abandoned thee? who was forced to flee?

far beyond the barrier, to unknown unseen details

so like black diamond  filled mines un probed

 tough energy in unfathomable  stores


O ‘ still, silent one, I admire thy power 

immovable brave steadfast, in solid wood 

shuttered  nailed  zipped, yet no stour

once shining now lustre less  impassive 

stirring images of  sacred wailing wall

did no one warn thee? 

of the Flood and the waterfall?

how painfully scratched off  

seems the bold engraved scrawl-but

what lies inside is what is precious

stay strong and firm on the foothold

Fear not the time of the Final Call

I will relate your story, pray and 

tell it All’

~ In Response to Poets United ~

Poets United ~Midweek Motif ~ Happy Birthday

Everyone and everything I know of has a birthday.  Today I ask you to celebrate a specific birth in honor of Spring which officially begins tomorrow, March 20th on the vernal Equinox.   Choose someone or thing you want to think about; choose yourself or someone you love; or choose a day you gave birth to a baby or to an idea.   Consider making your poem a birthday song.

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Dear Teacher Happy Birthday~

Today I think of you with feelings true

with all grace respect and reverence’

Teacher, I saw you, a paragon of excellence
dignity and grace; above all
inspiration and confidence . . . abounding;
Teacher I knew then, the load of books would be light,
the road to knowledge would be bright,
ignorant darkness lit up . . . astounding;
Teacher, you gave me strength courage and hope,
as fear melted with time, lost vigor came . . . rebounding;
But Teacher, why did you turn away for another world,
smiling far into the heavens,
leaving me with dark heavy clouds . . . surrounding;
OH teacher, now where shall I find,
Your confident smile, Your inspiring approach,
Your words of hope, that made my task so easy;
My steps are heavy with despair . . . mounting;
Dear Teacher, listen, if you can . . . I shall try to reach my goal;
Without you . . . the path is hard to traverse and cold,
Your thoughts are All the Strength, I hold;
If I succeed, I will know, the pain will go,
The sun will shine, bright and fair,

Teacher Dear, you were always there.