For POETS UNITED ~ Honoring Our Poetic Ancestors ~ The Living Dead ~ G Chaucer ‘


‘But it’s medieval language. Are you tearing out your hair trying to understand it? -

Rosemary Nissan Wade’s charming linguistic prompt blossomed all the rainbow colors in the fast turning brown of Autumnal graces. Ah Chaucer ‘most parfit gentle knight’ Father of the English Language, the starting point of English that is global today a ‘must read ‘for all English Literature students Poet -of the 14th Century ‘having God’s plenty’ indeed is to be honored for the greatest accomplishment of All Ages- The Development of English Language -I respect the Great poet and share these lines for Poets United.Thank you Rosemary Nissan Wade for reviving the Classic…

O’ we begin with Chaucer G
way back in the fourteenth century
and that’s how English should be
studied discussed and understood
when was there a ’schwa’ or not
or just another ‘e’.
‘To be or not to be ‘
do we quote all this deliberately?
Poets poets poets and poetry
is all that we read and see.
From the Classical Athenian Greeks
to the shores of Roman Virgilian Italy.

I was a reader of Literature
of floristic archaic aphoristic pithy
utterances about lean mean and murky

Poets stay alive and keep alive Poetry
But Poets make people they make nations
build stations on high-here are the words
of how the blades and swords
brought life and victory;

-No Poets are Dead but A Dead Society-

In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 178 ~ The Pen and The Blood




steel capped shaking jostling

heaving threatening horde

OUCH ! gushing blood

Life tests

each second

each tick

each word

each step

words spread anxiety

words become punishment

struggling dodging running

showing writing asking

‘Is jello fluffy?

Is the meal tasty?

is the cook qualified?

One last question -not

quite final

But stop before it is too late

 pestering or not OUCH!

you’ll soon be in hospital.

 Wordle 178

CER  Copyright 2014


In Response to Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday’s Mini-Challenge: September Sky ~ Still the War Goes On ~

In 1965 on the 6th of September Pakistan was attacked by India-That war ended after 17 days. Another kind of war ‘Zarb e Azb’ (The Cutting  Blow )  is now going on against Terrorism- It is 2014  Still the War Goes On…War and Death in September 2001-  Still the War Goes On…


Islamabad The Beautiful

September Sky dolefully darkens as mystic vapors rise, seems to call O’ Underworld receive Persephone She comes to be with husband Hades.
Changing colors changing breeze   a whiff of heat for trembling leaves

last of the blossoms before the Fall every year,   trees cry as greens cease



The 6th of September came again

and brought memories of war blasts and fights

in black outs courage prevailed as fears

grew everyday a front opened, new-

each day brought a fresh death

young and tender with a soft

breath’ cooled!a formless form-

when nothing was gained from the destructive

storm thrown blown and shown around;

all that was Holy stately and grand

in an instant brought to the ground;
Memories remain of

a love lost

a shattered dream

a silent scream

And the War goes on….

And bodies fall And so do the leaves

And so do the trees

And so many tears
And September Calls…..

Who is being fooled……Who is being ruled

Who is hiding and law abiding

Who is lost and who is found;
I wonder who is the victor And when will be the last round?

In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 174 ~ And So I Ask ~

Light Keeps the Spirits Alight

If anyone, a Demimonde be

who made her so and  so I ask

buried in deep  graves at birth

what a short life on Earth 

anyone gave, or is giving? so I ask 

mother symbolized , Mother sacred

crying candle, gypsy unclaimed

desiring to wander than beg asylum

in her own native country

 a Nomad who made her so? so I ask 

Arabia  Africa Asia West or East

is she a bait for the lustful beast?

Ubuntu’ Ubuntu’  She seeks  Thee

None  Confessions to the Priest

                   Chastity by spiritually deceased? so I ask

        I Me Mine  Myself what can I say

      oranges in the garden some areas gray

     obey follow laws,  transgress or delay 

   be with grandeur  and rites of tay 

       serve best yet  no one will stay, so I ask? 

A Calm Vision

images (2)

How to say that 

a calm vision flashes again 

How to convey, solemn serenity

descends to ease the pain
How to stop the love 
that wishes to explain
How to express that the heart
beats in memories enchained

How to convince that a

peaceful presence remains

How to relate the tenderness

felt so deep in the domains

How to connect the eternal loss

that  good health claims ?

Some hand held close the sweet
scent till it rose till waves were calm
warm was the coat and the palm
till darkness engulfed the misty heat
the clasp unclasped letting go
slowly sinking to the sandy floor
love’s hope fell, held no more 
You too say? like all before?
So sank the precious rose 
like a heart of hope but not 
of Faith as deep and vast as
the seas and oceans eternal,pure’
Let me just believe then
that it is fear of the sharp thorn

the sweet scent is but a refrain -

life’s safe lodging is but torn

where once  life itself was born
floating abandoned in dangers deep

Faith  guides to safer havens to keep

 unseen love ever holds the hand

lifts up the tender  petals to higher land
 remember if once love comes your way

have faith accept and hold, make it stay

 patience and peace will reign….


there is always a personal loss

where once there was  a sacred gain