‘For Whom The Blood Flows ~ At Peshawar Again

O for whom the blood flowed first
when we were the young children
we knew by which enemy for what
cause reason or division of land

we lost hundreds and hundreds then
we got the land for faith and peace
we knew the flag and leadership
but down the line,lost was the grip

somewhere entered the evil mind
slashing loyalty leaving faith behind
everything further divided destroyed
killers shooters n enemies employed

life became money and money life
race to be rich in struggle and strife
a freedom attained became enchained
freedom protests in free country life-

strangest demand with song n dance
putting the children young in a trance
once again we know the enemy for sure
but a nation dead, not alive anymore–

when beauty salons and fashion grow
destructive decline of civilizations show
O people where did you lose the way?
is faith weak, have we gone astray?

For whom the warm blood flows now?
gold of hemlock have we drunk
growing greed broken kinships
how deep have we, in Lethe sunk?

what does it mean in a country free?
are we free, then still ask, to be free ?
when bells toll and muezzin’s call
then surely the bells toll for you and me

but death is rampant brutal and rude
we have forgotten Aad and Samood
death will visit again,who knows
to separate lives, leave bodies in pain

smiling young innocent laughter
quietened for ever in green clothes
grieved, shocked at butchering blows
O For Whom,the blood so young flows ?

helpless I feel but write I must
wake up faith, let us be just
rise repent, follow the true path
before as dust, we all return,to dust.

Peshawar Massacre ~ Wake Up Human, Wake Up Child ~

Wake Up Faith Wake Up, Its time for prayer
Oh let me sleep a little more
I’m exhausted and a little sore
I played till late
to get a high score

Wake Up Life Wake Up you have a purpose
work and serve work and pray
honest n faithful you must stay
O let me enjoy
Do not annoy’

Wake Up Rich Wake Up Its time to pay
Spend Spend for The Giver
riches will become a river
O why why should I?
I have much, yet to buy..

Wake Up Books Wake Up Its time to study
Read read read all the best
read n write,never let it rest
This is the Good
This is The best

Wake Up Human Wake Up Its time to go
you have been lazy n slow
enemy is winning on the go
killing is not the way
give love, tolerance show
Wake Up Child Wake Up Its time for school
Wake Up Wake Up, rise and shine
But what a waste and wild
Child killed for a killed child
Nothing is mine, Nothing thine
Wake Up, Repent…….Wake Up…..Peace
Sleep Hatred Sleep……..

For IGWRT ~ Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday’s Mini-Challenge: Salvatore Quasimodo ~ ‘Cease The Futile Dream’


Unreal World,

Oblivion immersed
Misty shady magically Gothic,
False beliefs in Lethe sunk,
Why not cease the futile dream-,

Losing Time, spent better else,
it is, but effort of the Self’
Come away from Fairy Land,
Let us See, where we really stand

Let us See, where we really stand
raise our hands in prayers
bow our heads for peace before
The Power Grand!

This is certain,
Uncertainty is not the Strand!
Truth is there
Truth will be The Certain Band!
Come’ Away from Fairy Land !

In the mirror, see
the real world-then let
The Miracle be…
beyond the sky, beneath the sea
emerge in pearly purity
No more Fairy Land
No more uncertainty

O’ Astraea, Return ! in word
and deed, knowledge and justice
never before in this
warring world forlorn
was felt for you, a greater need’

Come Be the Ambassador
Bring the Utopian Grand
No More Fairy Land, but
Peace with all Virtue and certainty ‘

Ref Poem Mirror
(Ed ecco sul tronco)

CER Copyright 2014 anjum wasim dar

For MAGPIE TALES ~ Mag 244 ~ If Guns Were Flowers …


blick, dick


if guns were flowers they would be colorful

beautiful appealing and  smell so nice

they would be light to carry ,would carry love

and powder of affection rather than affliction


if guns were flowers there would be  gardens

more and graves less, joy more, sadness less

would soothe comfort please  and caress

friends favorites fans  more,enemies less



if guns were flowers I would plant them

then gather the seeds to share for PEACE

then gather some more , go to the shore

sail the seas on ancient ship,to get more


CER © 2014  anjum wasim dar

~ Random Thoughts On ~ Knitting vs Poetry ~


Poetry comes in all shapes and sizes
So does knitting in moods ‘ere one realizes
Poetry instructs as well as delights
Knitting covers the shivers, fevers and ‘frights’

Poetry supports all living things
felines frogs to human beings
if not poetry its knitting mittens
no wonder the first poem was, “three little kittens”

for long paper or words may stare
hunt for rhymes or synonyms spare
blog page if you dare, only one ounce ?
watch out, needle, ready is poem, to bounce, er.. pounce…

poetry is beauty if you may think
write, whatever you see in a blink
rhyme or not, blank open or run-on
which is easy, to knit? Or ‘ poetry’ with skill n wit’

                                                                                                  CER ©  anjum wasim dar  2014 

Open Link Monday ~ Welcome To Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Flying, For The Unseen’


The Only One who Knowsimages (2)

is The One-

when flying for the unseen it gets dark

Look up at what we call the Sky

in time when sun rises high

Behold the Sun in glorious gold

Look up and see jewels shine

with one large silver orb

serving all with changed forms

Look ‘ yet do not find the end or edge

nor the ringed roof,nor the ledge

exhaustion seeps in the eyes

unseen unknown magnificence lies

infinity boundless eternal flies

high and low shallow and deep

Who can save rescue and afloat keep?

Only He Who Holds All Power’

O Ye People do you not see?

Oceans oceans oceans vast

no one knows where the iron bird

is placed sunk or cast’

But see ‘ who holds the Flying One

as the wings expand and contract

so strong and yet so soft,

The Almighty Only, keeps them aloft’

we need to we must with patience stay

may peace come to the waiting hearts

happiness and ease , all we hope

and All we together,pray.


                                                                                                                      CER © 2014 anjum wasim dar