Poetic Power~Covid,Covid,Where are you?

Covid 19 or 20 haven’t you had plenty?
or are you here to occupy the world for ever?
You may be right for every power strives to-
usurp the rights, suppress the weak, control
the cash,carry the crown,spread the weapons
create fear,wear and tear,sneer and jeer,swear
people protest,bear the smoke,fall,bleed n die
Why is there so much unrest?
We seem to have sunk into Lethe far away from
truth,lost in greed and lust,shouting in vain in an
abyss,unheard go our cries,absolute power lies’
Covid 19 have you failed too?
To awaken the deadened spirits with flu?

Rapists, Raped Again So Cry If it’s A Girl

Another cruel incident ‘The true life of a woman’-
Women are abused all over the world.Causes are launched to counter this injustice.Today the society is still the same as hundreds of years ago…will it get any better …no acid throwing, no gang rapes, no forced labour…

some lines some thoughts

It’s a girl,
O’hurry put her beneath the sand
Oh, no one can stand or understand
this creature, soft and tender
I wonder why ?
when life is so grand.
Girls ,mothers daughters
sisters and wives,
Can life move on without these five?


The land of Faith The land of oil
Did they really bury their daughters

Girls are the lively spirits
of a home or castles at heights
girls are Goldilocks Cinderellas
and Snow Whites
They are Queens Ranis and First ladies
blacks or whites-

When girls are born moods are forlorn
bringing up a burden in a teacup , a storm,
Then sold tortured and finally given away
Where is a girl’s real home, to stay?

Born buried and barred,
are they really so bad
and scarred?

Girls are sweet loving and kind
I wish we would be soft tender
and caring for them
our hearts and mind.

Poetic Power~ Since You Became Silent …

celestial hemispheres are quiet,they seem motionless,birds are sad they do not chirp, nor twitter excitedly,leaves do not dance with the breeze which has become slow.
flowers bend their heads and faces low, they do not smile nor their joy show
hills are silently green with your memories so fresh,clouds wander lonesomely as if looking
for someone they know and wait for
day or night life seems still,more in lock down,one has to bow
and accept what must grow , by nature,go,
how will the time pass who will the grass,mow
pearly sweat upon my brow tells me how much my heart beats now,
stickers of hearts no more appear but love is near, close to me
it cannot leave as it resides besides and in the spirit
but bells are silent,no insect stirs in the garden,ravens sit like clay forms
in line,apprehensive dejected morose.
the world has lost all sound
ever since You became silent.

Poetic Power ~ Water,Water, Why Art Thou So ?

O Precious Water thou art in agony
dashing lashing flooding flowing
washing away hillsides houses and humans
thou art under command of the Creator no doubt
but we need you to calm down go easy forgive
We are in the wrong, we waste you we mock you
we abuse you, but we love you too,need you for
our survival, peace and progress.
O Water precious forgive us

Poetic Power ~ With You…

with you I had a home

full of love and hope

so far away yet close

to the heart and soul

without you, I am homeless

heavy thoughtless hopeless,

but deeply grateful, for you

gave me time

in pain and suffering, you lifted

me up in your weakness

you gave me a home of words

which I always dreamed of

we lived laughed enjoyed in our

private virtual world, never to meet

yet we met by day , by nightcropped-12440347_10153854582415747_5477197209008648481_o.jpg

without you I am homeless




No Power but …


The Master has a plan , our birth and death and the life inbetween is all in it

He is Unseen and we are unknowing who should have told us about life

we looked at stars at night we still do we enjoy rivers lakes and forests wild

but we have no thoughts of thankfulness,why?

we did not create even ourselves yet we do not believe in viruses and pandemics


No Poetic Power


All power belongs to Master

who created the world,nothing.

will change until He wills,

you may form  groups you may get

together n sing. nothing will change

no words come no thoughts arise

my muse realised its not right

to claim power. for we are here

to obey and pray ,see how millions are dying can poetry save them No

All praise is for Him.






FOWC ~ Fandango ~Glimpse ~If I


If I could just see a real glimpse

of you, but I wonder how would that be possible?

a real glimpse of only your graceful profile, elegant head scarf  tied neatly at the back,giving a classic Eastern touch,

a real glimpse

not an image on facebook, nor a

reflection of a camera lens, nor a

virtual show so terribly digital,

I would fly upto the sky, among the

stars, dive down to take a dip in the ocean, then come up again, I would shower roses all over the Earth so that

fragrance spreads to all corners and all

gardens, I would sing and dance in circles , like the devout dervesh,

If only

If only 10703988_10152706493480747_4388460860124573507_n


FOWC_ Word Challenge ~Taste ~ Taste of Hate

corona vHave you ever tasted the waves of hate,

that sizzle out sparks from the eyes red

that just send a silent fiery message, wait there, no need to come near, I could kill you, why did I ever have to live with you?

these messages came from a coward, selfish cheat, a bag of lying bones and meat, who after having done his thing wanted to fling in the ditch, out of sight, everything…

I have tasted you all and now I dont want to taste you anymore, go anywhere just be out of my sight ,

one step closer would be one step away

now you have a son , yes,I will decorate his room’ what room ? the house has no extra room, then hate blazed in the gaze,she could smell the taste of roasted eyeballs, poison fried

home coming was a dirty mess,with ants blackening the dining table, crawling all over jam n butter, knives and spoons unwashed ,leftover toasts for weeks, no food to eat or fruit to taste’

and life went on, though it was all for taste but not for pate , food first or hate would burst,not just taste but eat full whole

now its taste morning taste afternoon taste the evening meal,nothing but taste

now its hatred behind the closed door

nothing to taste of life soul or spirit