Poetic Power `A Divine Gift’ ~ Find The Reasons Why?


So grieved to know that so many are bruised-
terrible is the news-
let us find the reasons why
spirits are sad and heavy-
time always marches on waits for
none nor any-
why have we been deaf to nature’s music?
careless to gifts plenty-
in Lethe we have deeply sunk-
worried about high scores and money
precious water lost cannot return
time crawls faster –
awake, awake, set the regular pace
lest the tortoise win the race.

Poetic Power ~ For World Poetry Day ~ March 21 ~ 2020 ~ Ode to Corona Borealis ~



Ode to Corona  Borealis –

O’ Thou  8 Star  Crown of the Northern
Night Skies,  Circle of Light, royal, majestic.
like a circle of elders, an eagle’s nest, a bear’s den,
or even a smoke hole. All in grace and glory,  high
in the celestial spheres.

For countless light years you bejewel the darkness
to show the way and delight the passionate gazers
you embroider and dazzle the dark space, endlessly
unlimited in time, made for humanity to break  the
isolation, purified harmless in holy distance.

O’ Corona you never meant any harm. You symbolize
the bravery of King Theseus who killed the Minotaur.
You are humble, named by some as  ‘a poor man’s  bowl’
Seen as ‘Heavenly Sisters’, or Council of Elders, sending
messages to the Gods

O Thou Eternal Effulgent  Beauty Crown of Adrian
Honored for ever in the comity of constellations
shine forever , guide and encourage, give strength
to the brave who take a stand against the oppressors.
Stay for ever royal and bright , be forever the circle
of Wisdom for all.

Shine forever for Light and Peace






Poetic Power ~My Day~ A Gift


My Day is fine

I woke up at nine
only to find no electric current in line
but at least the laptop had light,
made my day more bright, happy
and I could wish someone else too,
to ‘Have a nice day’ and a Happy Birthday’
Thinking of you in this quietude while
some are crying,some relieved at a hanging
within time,
yesterday gone had its own fears of discipline
and the unknown but we should know
we should have known’ and so no one
can call a day or a moment their own.
A day is a gift
if filled with peace, soft tenderness sympathy
love kindness and care
qualities so rare, nowhere found but in the air’
wait, no the air is upset, it is not fair, to leave
deadly viruses there,
it belongs to all it is for all to breathe
fill it not with venom nor with greed.


Poetic Power ~ For ~The Day of Hearts~


Star bejeweled skies at night, twinkle with love for
the universe,
See ! the clouds ! shaping their love around the sun,
Letting the Light shine,
For it shines for all, not one. It is The One who gives
to all,
For love for love, Divine love for all.

What love she had in life, she said,
‘first I kept waiting, I was told to
then I was told to wait no more,
He said ‘No, and went further
away from one land occupied-

to another foreign far away but
that mattered not, anymore,she said

‘you are and were the first love
but this love stayed in the heart,

forbidden to be expressed, from
the start,never love for it is never
returned, what never departed can
it ever return?’

what a pure feeling born without
death, but killed unseen torn apart,

love is not for a day, it engulfs the
soul and resides, settles in fathoms

bottomless, no wine can wash, nor
impatient waves pull away to drown,

sadness may encase, but ‘let the interim
sadness like the ocean be’

sincere love will float from edge to edge
from beach to beach, till life breathes
till eternity.

Now, she said,
‘I am not told anything more
I don’t wait nor think anymore.

Poetic Power ~ Bird Poem ~2 ~ The Helping Wings ~

African grey parrots spontaneously ‘lend a wing’, Science Daily

Date: January 9, 2020     Source:  Cell Press
People and other great apes are known for their willingness to help others in need, even strangers. Now, researchers have shown for the first time that some birds — and specifically African grey parrots — are similarly helpful.
Brucks and study co-author Auguste von Bayern.




Fast growing extinct, say the people of Africa,
our grey graceful parrots,with a red tails and   black beaks,
though may live for thirty to forty years in captivity-

felling of timber causing the decline in number
from Kenya to the Eastern part of Ivory Coast,
mostly frugivorous, they eat fruit nuts and seeds,

highly intelligent,notorious for mimicking,
need enrichment and attention,adorable pets
and ‘helping friends’ – researchers say

willing to help ‘a parrot friend’, share a reward
and give up their token for a partner’s nut treat,
‘cheerful whistler’ ‘enjoying peanuts, happy in cage

how contented and thoughtful, a captive in service
‘possess probabilistic reasoning’ able to make inferences
if socially isolated- hastens towards ageing,feels stress’

crows don’t help other crows, but these parrots do,
flapping their grayish feather capes, are called often
‘the large brained happy ‘feathered apes’.

sweetly snores in sleep


    Captain Parrot




Poetic Power~ 2020 ~ Corvid Intelligence ~Who is the Cleverest Crow of All ~

IMG_20150801_152845_526 Mirror mirror on the wall
who is the cleverest crow
of them all?

Caledonian crows?
The elite group of species, who
can use twigs to fish insects
out of holes and crevices,

whittle branches into hooks
tear leaves into barbed probes,
are innovative problem solvers,
blithely elegant,in pure dark robes?

Said the rook to the mirror
‘the latest research makes me shiver,
people will not consider us thirsty,
hungry, capable or free, since its
proven, we were never fools.

The corvid family, ravens, rooks,
magpies, jackdaws and jays, were
cautious, cooperative, concerned
and cool, tis no argument as scientists
say, and I just read the news on BBC, that
‘clever crows can use three tools’

‘Mirror mirror, now what’s your suggestion?
The crisis deepens, descending to recession.
Should it be a round table conference,
summit or a mediation, or a call for a corvid
crow collection?
Beware for they can locate
hidden secrets in succession, and solve
serious problems from reflective reflections.

With so much warfare and so many dead
No one knows where Ghaddafi has fled.
‘Tis worthwhile that research has led
to the discovery of problem solvers pool,
a mixture of brown, grey and black,
if humans and animals have failed,

lets call the corvid crows, to use
the tools, to make peace instead.

© Anjum Wasim Dar

For ~ Poets United Midweek Motif ~ 2019 Year’s End ~ Writing is Best for Survival ~

Dear  Friends, evening draws near, birds fly home to  safe nests
another sunrise awaits, has humanity passed all trials and tests?
Last sunset or first sunrise, every year ends.This day too shall pass.
Schools will open, traffic will move, children will go to their class.
Year’s end or a new beginning, wars continue, never ending killing,
if  wisdom  prevails, instead of bombing, there will be  friendly singing.year ends , on days of miracles, celebration blessings and forgiving
fruit cakes, puddings, gifts, presents,family meetings and bells ringing,

each year has time,temperature and turmoil
this too had suspense, stormy  surprises
ambushes attacks  armed  protests
beauty  behind barricades
ecosystem changes
environmental disasters
joyful achievements and losses
lockouts lock downs
shootings in holy places
In all poets and writers , read  recited
wrote for peace joy and stood united
New time will bring good tidings
Hope is always there.