Poetic Power ~ 9-11 ~ Remembered


9 11

No glory, nor pride in fires of violence ever exists;
Transformed into myriads of granule dust,
Innocent lives to eternal slumber sent
With brave last words they went–
Not to their Earthly abode, but to the celestial
Spheres to twinkle and shine and guide
The world to a higher call from a higher ground.
Once that stood tall was forever destined to fall,
Unnoticed, autumnal traces become visible,
Harbingers of the changing fall,
remember ye all-
The blaze metamorphosed to flowers?

Darkness white, casting a gloomy pall,
But the crashing of the wall
Was a higher call from a higher ground
To the heavens bound,
Where there are glorious towers.
There will be, there are
unforgettable flowers.

Myself in race, color, creed,
and freedom fetters-
Could I have served God better?



Call Out Loud Now ~ What Would happen?

In Response to and with due respect to G Jamie Dedes The Poet By Day…who asked the following questions…

What would happen, I wonder,
 if we agreed to a world-wide emotional detoxification
an international soul healing day?
What would happen if we were to unite
in letting go of the hatreds, resentments, and pains
war scene.jpg that define so many of us and that we’ve inherited?
What would happen if we agree to a shared stewardship of the Earth?

And let me say then…

Change it to a place of mirth.
Can be possible if we try
not only cry but be active and apply

with patience and fair play

Things might change? Things will get better
Would things get better? Yes

but these concerns are on all our minds anyway,
all the world is in a way disturbed,in danger living

is there any way of peace a coming?
If change can come who is willing to be that change?

If all want power money and command and a magic wand
would it be the way of  Faustus Hitler and Chenghez Khan ?


Poems That Won A Place ~ ‘I Dream of A Place of Peace ~ Published in Issue 39 ~ ‘I Am Pakistani’ in ITALY~Winter 2007-08

PRIVATE 39 – I am Pakistani

PRIVATE-39_800px In Pakistan we have reached a state of alchemy that typifies the post-post modern life. Life drudges through its multifarious activities of simple poverty until it climaxes into a bustle of hot abrasion in the struggle to churn out the most out of the given condition of existence. As the world turns its gaze on us, we struggle to mould a new fathomable identity, one that can be left on business tables after striking a deal or negotiation, a firm shake of the hand and a name and a number. I am Pakistani. (Faiza Shah)


I dream of a Place of Peace
But dreams are in vain
Time and again there is pain;
I was brought to a Promised Land
Created with killing, insane;
Where remnants of blood
Traces of flood,
Sensations of fear remain;

I dream of a place secure
Clean colorful and pure
But I am not sure
As I see
the flying roof of a bus
As I hear
the terrifying sound of a blast
OH how long is it going to last?
As I fear
One moment in time
May be so fast , before we know
And thus we are……no where, no more;

I dream
of a moment of hope,
Of a land where I may be
And I may for eternity, stay;

But now I say
at the end of the day
I don’t dream any more
I am at peace for sure,
My childhood was happy
Truer than any dream
and I
With good grace and gratitude
try to obey not to betray but to pray
to the Almighty The Gracious, and The Supreme.

© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Poems That Won A Place ~MAY 2017 – Read The BEST OF NEW POETRY From AROUND THE WORLD~ ‘I Close My Eyes To See’

At Wild Sound Festival

Your POETRY has been promoted at the best of MAY 2017 NEW poetry:

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Philosophical

every moment a tiptoe sounds

I close my eyes to see

as I feel the page

as words take shape and form

my thoughts encircle the song

inside the circle of the dance

is it the dancer or the dance?

Ah! only my soul knows

Only my heart can see-

I close my eyes to look

up from the book

at the love of purity

which is but a scent sweet

I reach out to touch

Nothingness ‘

Ah The presence in Nothingness’

Love of Eternity ‘


closer than the thorn is to the rose

growing from dust

glowing in the dust

dust to dust we rose

engulfed spirits in time

destined together to repose…

arms spread out to receive

like the scattered petals

of the beloved rose…..

my eyes on the book I close

the dancer moved bent and rose….

life went on, life goes….

Poem: I Close My Eyes To See, by Anjum Wasim Dar

Poems That Won A Place ~ The Great Indian Poetry Contest by On Fire Cultural Movement ~ 2018 ~ Timeless River ~


Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and text


Timeless, flowing on, life for all life 
humble beginnings in majestic mounts 
meandering through greens, curvaceous 
so placed, so mankind could find its way;

its bed, roughly rounded rocks stones
shells sand and weeds, treasures
lost, bodies sunk, debris drowned yet
sacred, loved, honored and crowned-

Of origin divine, glaciers or rillets
of wine delightful as liquid good
of milk the taste whereof never alters, 
of honey sweet cleanser, never falters,

Running crystals translucent or muddy
cold cool furiously flooding, fertile
be it Ganges Indus Euphrates or Danube
Rhine, Thames Imperial, royal bloody Nile-

Rivers religious, historical savagely silenced-
precious priceless, parted raped, harnessed-
infinity ‘gurgles gushes glides’ channeled,
bearing vetiver, conferva, cut and canaled;

O River Gracious thou glideth at your own 
sweet will, in faithful obeisance, cautiously
caressing banks, bestowing joyful growth,
flowing eternally, to embrace the oceans;

O ancient deity, ancestral, inseparable, my
Spirit is with thee connected, naturally,
Forgive the reckless use I pray, I lament 
As Acheron grieves, please save our identity’ 
Mrs Anjum Wasim Dar Copyright CER 2018


We have reached the end of the 12 Week Poetry Challenge.

The joy is immeasurable and we have no words to express it. All we want to say is THANK YOU!

The Finale Week winners are Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal and Jagari Mukherjee, and the Special Mentions – Aishwarya Shrivastav, Anjum Wasim Dar, @Cleber Pacheco, Shalini Pattabiraman, Tenzing Palyon, Santosh Bakaya, Srinivas Vasudev, Usha Sridhar, Gomathy Mohan and Imran Yousuf. E-copies of Aatish, An International Anthology of Poems and Photographs on World Social Issues will be gifted to the top 2 winners.


Poems That Won A Place ~ ‘Dear Teacher’ Semi Final Bronze Medal POET of Merit 2000 ~Award Washington USA


Teacher, I saw you, a paragon of excellence
dignity and grace; above all
inspiration and confidence . . . abounding;
Teacher I knew then, the load of books would be light,
the road to knowledge would be bright,
ignorant darkness lit up . . . astounding;
Teacher, you gave me strength courage and hope,
as fear melted with time, lost vigor came . . . rebounding;
But Teacher, why did you turn away for another world,
smiling far into the heavens,
leaving me with dark heavy clouds . . . surrounding;
OH teacher, now where shall I find,
Your confident smile, Your inspiring approach,
Your words of hope, that made my task so easy;
My steps are heavy with despair . . . mounting;
Dear Teacher, listen, if you can . . . I shall try to reach my goal;
Without you . . . the path is hard to traverse and cold,
Your thoughts are All the Strength, I hold;
If I succeed, I will know, the pain will go,
The sun will shine, bright and fair,
Teacher Dear, you were always there.


Poetic Power ~ How Can I Be Less Kind ?


Someone said ‘you are too kind’, well, I
thought for a moment, did not mind,but

tried to understand, a compliment?  or
a complaint?
 is it ? well, if so it is , then

the mind thinks, if it is participatory and
raises a question, how may I be less kind?

Kindness came to my soul from nature
the rest of the emotion came from school

and parental nurture, the extra ‘Too’ that
people feel instilled by love and care,flat

an animal wild or tame appeared fascinating
not ferocious or killing, felt love for cats more

seeing others in pain I could not bear, cries of
agony created fear, I must help run a peace corp

nature sends living creatures exhausted in need
should I help or ignore let them lie without feed ?

we had packed up to leave the rented house, when
this dog came whining in the night,outside in the porch

he is hungry’ I could see and we gave him bread’ n ‘roti’ , see how he holds

and eats, so all friends find help in need fair, till I can till I can spare,I care, for

our life is for others and all lives are The Almighty’s, for Him is the kindness