FOR ~Poets United: Midweek Motif ~ A Million Years Howl When Voices Whisper Among The Trees ~


Evening shadows fell all over the lane
soon one could not discern the window pane
this one tree out of three we planted -gave
relief to heated pain, saved all from rain

but that evening it was pitch dark, the car
was parked in the shade, but wait -a sound
strange could be heard, the flurry rapid
flight of birds,small dark swooping round

left to right and right to left, flying in and
falling flat,disappearing from darkly sight
could hardly see them in the dim light-
not at full glare,wanted the birds to fly away scared.

But no,they kept coming and hovering around the car
preventing anyone from opening the door-what next
as fear increased -who had sent these bat-birds here?
small black sharp and shrill, recitation of holy verses

finally made the kill-all flew away as quickly as they
had come, and hoping that all had gone , we took the
back seat, the food basket in between us placed,
dinner to deliver at the hospital gate, trembling still

at the bat attack, cautiously moved on to the road
hardly a furlong had we gone,when sister let out
a loud scream-something shuffling, flapping dark –
Stop the car Oh Stop- Another scream, a loud screech

door crashed open-out flew a dark black bat,
somehow it had clasped the basket, and had
slipped inside -never ever so terrified  was I
that night, Halloween or magic – wondered Why?

But then we knew Mother would not be with us
for long, doctors helpless signaled the Swan Song’
with food for Mother we were going, when Bats
flew around –  Myths say they warn of Death –

soon soon Mother would be without life
without breath- to Heaven taken, to Heaven

Poetic Power ~ But I Know So Little ~


Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib wrote

kahun kis se mei ke kya hai, shab e gham burri bala hai
mujhe kya burra tha marna agar aik baar hota

to whom might I say what it is– the night of sadness is a bad disaster!
why would I have minded dying, if it took place one time?

This is the way I know, but I know so little…

Every beginning has an end
Death for human beings is ordained..
To Allah is our return, but the time is a secret,
it is a certain uncertainty, but not a regret
solitude is but a concept, one is never alone
illness is change, a test on flesh and bone
a spider’s cobweb saved the prophet’s life
protection was given in a whale’s inside
learning is best from the cradle to the grave
life is full of tragedy one needs to be brave
parents are given not chosen,our start is
not our own,let us sow seeds of good
and make a fruitful fragrant peaceful garden
evergreen and richly grown.

In Response To ~ Respected G. Jamie Dedes’s Poem ~ The Doves Have Flown ~ The Chinaar Leaves Have Withered ~


Inspired By Respected G Jamie Dedes’s  touching poem for Syrian Refugees


By G Jamie Dedes

what must it be like for you in your part of the world?
there is only silence, i don’t know your name, i know only
that the fire of Life makes us one in this, the human journey,
trudging through mud, by land and by sea, reaching for the sun
like entering a ritual river without a blessing or a prayer
on the street where you lived, your friends are all gone
the houses are crushed and the doves have flown
there is only silence, no children playing, no laughter
here and there a light remains to speak to us of loneliness,
yet our eyes meet in secret, our hearts open on the fringe,
one breath and the wind blows, one tear and the seas rise,
your tears drip from my eyes and i tremble with your fear-

 The following Lines for ~ G Jamie Ji…

                The  Besieged People of Occupied Kashmir.

Image may contain: plant, fire, outdoor and nature

 Chinar Leaves Have Withered 

chinar leaves have withered,
willows weeping, bend low with grief, still are the ripples in the Dal Lake,  silent deserted citadels, not a tiptoe on the wooden floors- how many are alive inside, maybe none-

chinar leaves have withered

rustic orange clusters merging with green foliage, quivering with joy,sensing the cool caresses of approaching fall, but not this year,they descend one by one, remain soaked in blood of young and old,

chinar leaves have withered

who is blinded today? whose body draped in green and white, dumped in the ugly pit, ‘what is the cry ‘freedom ‘ for, freedom from death, to death’ ?locked in a living grave

chinar leaves have withered

silence of terror, on snow peaks frozen, empty streets filled with fear armed, prisoners
in perils of forced captivity, what horror humans can do with humans.

chinar leaves have withered

helpless am I  in fetters, in action enchained , in emotions pained, I weep like the willows
in spiritual agony grieve , for mercy I pray , I die with each passing day…

as hope with each falling leaf, glissers.

~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~

One Day We Shall Return We Pray


Poetic Power ~Changing Weather Changing Moods~ Changing Climate ? Caging Lives’


IMG_20190916_033517 (1)hdr


Ending days of September still no feeling of the fall
thunder visits at night making frightening flashes

I wonder in fearful awe,is it time for The Piper’s call?
we are sunk fully in Lethe’s depths, heel toe and all –

thinking of magical floors, music encores on stages
while thousands blinded  curfewed, starve in  cages,

world speaks of climate change and change itself
Earth desecrated , isn’t it  interference in nature?

where to humanity?  which desert or glacier or sea
how many more to kill, capture,crush in captivity?

 dogs bark in the dark, they can sense cruelty
feel brutality strongly smell the looming doom

hordes of humans  in a desperate deprived void
no mercy no pity no more room no more room 


For ~ The Poet By Day ~ G Jamie Dedes ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt~ A Poem ! ‘Words and My Writing Place ~


‘Write about your writing place’ was the prompt’ A Place to write is a Place to Shine’, my writing itself involved me to such an extent that I missed sending a response. Well, I thought I would carve a piece out of my writing repertoire itself , present and share it with my readers, so here goes….

A Poem First

Each moment each day
as words come and play
move around right and left
settle down in words inset
take my thoughts feelings
hold my heart when it is
reeling, gather my tears
as they slide with fears
letter by letter line by line
‘like a bridge over troubled
waters’, they lay themselves
on the page smiling, doubled
and I smile back at them
meet them with my watery
eyes,again and again, to
remain beside and be at peace


I once wrote the following story….

Your writing place must be comfortable otherwise you have a backache and a head ache plus a pain in the neck.’ Who ever said that?


For the umpteenth time I have changed the position of my writing table.In fact I have three tables now’. What?


Light Keeps the Spirits Alight

Three tables?

Yes, one for the laptop…

‘LAPTOP! The laptop is supposed to be on the lap…

well, it is supposed to be but its not. One table has a drawer for small stationery items and my medicine bag and the mobile charging wire and…well, some small cash….and yellow stick on notes’..somehow I am not comfortable with the seat, the elbow placement, and now I cannot see what I am writing for the page needs to be manually scrolled down…here, that’s better…

Oh there goes the signal…tnnnnn’ my opponent has made a ‘word’

What’s that supposed to mean…well, let me share the fact that I am a bit of a ‘distracted one’…I am a Gemini and I need to do two things at a time, only then I am …er…moving on…am able to move on…

Facing the window

writers desk.jpg

I need to face the window for that gives a view of ‘freedom’ a sense of the ‘open minded environment’ though I am still behind the bars…the windows have very strong grills…meant as security, safety and to keep away the flies and the bees and the lizards…though the lizards do visit, stay and then slither away…and to keep me safe inside…facing the window I face West and that is better for I can offer my prayers easily and be in the right direction and keep my place….

Lights in the evening

what about lights on the desk?

‘well, I have three again…one is for the background white light , the cool one, one is the standard lamp, a British style tall elegant stand with a maroon shade. ‘Oh the bulb is an energy saver-in fact all three are energy savers…these days only energy savers are available and they are highly effective for they save a lot of energy…the human energy…one doesn’t have to keep getting up to switch off …

‘It does nothing to save the electricity bill…that keeps increasing while the energy is being conserved…at least some achievement.The third one is the smallest and you may call it the reading light’ I only switch it on when I really need to read…

‘Is there any lamp on the walls? well, yes when I have to knit then I use that one for it brightens up the whole room and I can comfortably see the stitches…er…needles…er…needle points…Oh whatever…


‘what about the words?

words are no problem…actually I am reading emails from ‘Content Marketing’ and I am collecting a lot of words plus I have six assignments…

SIX? how come what are you studying?

well, its for someone very dear to me I promised to help read up the material and believe me its so interesting I wish I were …social media and mass media and advertising-I love the way the world has gone digital…its so different so colourful and amazing the way consumers are sharing so much….

I could be a Marketing Strategic Planner…If Only…well…

‘Teach English for that whats the world needs to learn at the moment…

Oh Dear I wish I had not heard that phrase’..

‘it is the fastest than….OH UH…

where was that? not in an English class? I hope…

Distraction again…’

‘Hmm I was not listening…what did you say?

‘well never mind…its OK…

I know how it is ….my writing place is now half facing the outside world and half inside.I donated the computer chair for it was hurting my hip bone and I thought I was growing old and developing arthritis and literally started limping…but thanks to the Almighty …I discovered the real thing…? not sharing with anyone at the moment…

‘well, whatever it is I have managed to gather some tips for the writers…keep changing your place and it helps to freshen up your perspective, hear the crows caw and the birds sing and if possible view the lonely clouds perhaps you may compose a Wordsworthian style poem ….good luck…’did I hear…Happy New Year?

Happy Feet-I may say…and ‘where do I begin?

Poetic Power ~ 9-11 ~ Remembered


9 11

No glory, nor pride in fires of violence ever exists;
Transformed into myriads of granule dust,
Innocent lives to eternal slumber sent
With brave last words they went–
Not to their Earthly abode, but to the celestial
Spheres to twinkle and shine and guide
The world to a higher call from a higher ground.
Once that stood tall was forever destined to fall,
Unnoticed, autumnal traces become visible,
Harbingers of the changing fall,
remember ye all-
The blaze metamorphosed to flowers?

Darkness white, casting a gloomy pall,
But the crashing of the wall
Was a higher call from a higher ground
To the heavens bound,
Where there are glorious towers.
There will be, there are
unforgettable flowers.

Myself in race, color, creed,
and freedom fetters-
Could I have served God better?


Call Out Loud Now ~ What Would happen?

In Response to and with due respect to G Jamie Dedes The Poet By Day…who asked the following questions…

What would happen, I wonder,
 if we agreed to a world-wide emotional detoxification
an international soul healing day?
What would happen if we were to unite
in letting go of the hatreds, resentments, and pains
war scene.jpg that define so many of us and that we’ve inherited?
What would happen if we agree to a shared stewardship of the Earth?

And let me say then…

Change it to a place of mirth.
Can be possible if we try
not only cry but be active and apply

with patience and fair play

Things might change? Things will get better
Would things get better? Yes

but these concerns are on all our minds anyway,
all the world is in a way disturbed,in danger living

is there any way of peace a coming?
If change can come who is willing to be that change?

If all want power money and command and a magic wand
would it be the way of  Faustus Hitler and Chenghez Khan ?