NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 24 ~ From Wasteland’ to ‘Partition’

Today, I challenge you to write a parody or satire based on a famous poem.

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On T S Eliot’s ‘Wasteland’


April is the cruelest month, bare branches
Sprouting tiny greens,
life bursting from the lifeless,
A rising,
mixing sorrow of defeat with defiance,
Spring rain drizzles consistently,
snow suddenly surprised us
We stopped in the plains,
leaving the mountains’
Went in half daylight so we should have
Known the path,
and the unknown traversed rarely,
So we should have known the faith,
and the faithful and the Emperors of Icecreams-
Not long ago, when I was a child,
was carried across borders
frightened, slept in a camp for two nights,
-wonder how Mother felt? She never spoke
About those days, then on we
came to Murree Hills, and felt free
And I knew not, was I taking refuge or was it a
New land?
What was left in enemy hands, where
Are the roots that make a family?
Out of the masses who survived who committed
Suicide-you cannot say or guess even for you
Have seen only images and heard only broken voices
Who lost half the thought in trying to forget
Spoke not all-scenes of horror
Heaps of bodies cut and slayed
Blood splattered on trains roads and fields
Death, for a cause? Yet not Jehad or was it?
Many went South, separated, lost, confused-
All said ‘we shall go back, one day’
The Day never came-
And then the beginning of the end-
One by one
Who has seen Spring again, after the Fall
Providence persists prevails
Acceptance and non-acceptance is, what ails
Unreal cities, unreal people, so unlike what
Was expected-
War War War and again War-
When will it end, Terror strikes within
Shelter is scarce, fashion abounds and all
Is a show off! Young dead glorified
on the mini screen, what are they dying for
now? Half the barren land, minerals in ranges
The enemy changed and we thought ’this is Right-
People crowd the roads , daily beggars are children
And who said ‘we shall have enough, and peace”
Mountains and Rocks
Mountains are dangerous, no rocks will give
Shelter, there is no water, nor wells
A waste it becomes, filth in the drains overflowing
And the big man’ said’ we have worked hard’
But the mountains will not protect,
Truth is linked , Faith is strong
It will not be long when the Shadow
Will turn to Light and the darkness will go-
Go in the shadow of the mountain
Sit by the stream and clean all
The mind and soul, wash away to the sea
Impurity, or else be prepared to face,
a tsunami, or the jolts and shakes
there is still a chance-look! Be the Dance
not the dancer, in the circle of life
Come to a still point with Nature
Where nothing matters anymore-
Think and feel, help and heal, the needy
Feed the hungry, for I can see-there comes
Someone-keeps close and watches , ever present
Who leads us on unseen and the Third we say
Who helped us –its not our doing but The Mercy
Of The Merciful-
Bow bow bow –pray praypray
Welcome love from above , eternal peace will stay

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 23 ~ 7 of Clubs ~

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The number seven is striking.7 heavens come to mind,the seven days the seven wonders of the world and the lucky seven.The story of the seven sleepers but see what a card may strike in the mind and heart.The clubs so symbolic.Ah a club and a Club so many different meanings they have.In a game does seven stand out? What about the seven sisters and the stars in the Northern skies.Seven layers seven folds and the Lord says He has made the sky in layers and see how it hangs without pillars.Seven then is sacred and holy but this card tells me more than it appears.Each dot stands for a period of time,each for a family each for a star each for a day or each for a month or a year..and so it tells me the time and works as a calendar.It tells me about a page in a book and a chapter,it also takes me to the wonderful world of Alice the imaginative girl of the famous book and a poem strikes fresh ‘we are seven’


striking is the number seven

touches the stars in heaven

symbolic so full of good luck

unseen folds without a tuck

dark dome bejeweled at night

weary ones seek seven’s light

this is just a card telling tales

see how it covers timeless scales

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 21~ Erasure ~ Wandering

Todays Prompt   ~    An old favorite – The Erasure!


No  possibility of            a walk                                     wandering indeed,   in leafless shrubbery

no company,                   the cold winter wind      brought

clouds    sombre             rain penetrating              further  out-door                                         the question.

long walks               on chilly afternoons   dreadful                                     raw

nipped                                                 saddened                                  humbled


Opening Chapter of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

There was no possibility of  taking a walk that day. We had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery an hour in the morning; but since dinner (Mrs. Reed, when there was no company, dined early) the cold winter wind had brought with it clouds so sombre, and a rain so penetrating, that further out-door exercise was now out of the question.I was glad of it: I never liked long walks, especially on chilly afternoons: dreadful to me was the coming home in the raw twilight, with nipped fingers and toes, and a heart saddened by the chidings of Bessie, the nurse, and humbled by the consciousness of my physical inferiority to Eliza, John, and Georgiana Reed.

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 20 ~ Things I know ~


I know many things but I know that I still need to

know many, Mall is  a shopping center

keyboard is a musical instrument

window is more than a hole in a wall

skyscrapers are buildings high and tall

Monkeys resemble human beings.

There is a king of the jungle and a jungle rule

April is a cruel month having a day for the Fool

some may believe some may not follow the norm

But the best thing I know that poetry is a writing form

NAPWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 19 ~ Landay ~ Poetry of Afghanistan ~ Muse in The Mountains


Mountains majestic manifold,cool springs.

snow top gushing streams becoming rivers, cold.

nature ravaged  stories flings untold

warring power struggle, three decades old

match making forced,love-for money, is sold.

women raped murdered martyred, all men still bold.

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 15 ~ Ode To A Poem ~


myriad  thoughts in mind, raise a storm, an endless flow

drowned in a Grecian urn set,fathoms  in  oceans below

where precious pearls freely float, slowly sink  and settle

oblivious of  baleful evil,conscious of  true mettle

in mysterious  misty forms filling  the vacant boat

now beginning to move and shake off its slumber

receiving gems n  jewels from Calliope’s crown

thus laden with studded  royal  glorious gown

its duty done its cargo carefully composed, of

praise, to the heavenly light begins the ‘raise-

O to know what thoughts of gold, of wisdom old

Thy possessions are preserved in eternal casks

of hemlock elixirs, what lyrics have been sung

what aquatic flutes what mermaids harps strung

opening miracle oysters,revealing sacred tasks

loving sea serpent shattering the marine mask

Behold, brought thee,forth for universal union

when land and sea meet sunlight and sky

O classical  in style, metrical in form so high

thou was not born to die, but to live like Magi

O Thou spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings

are recited and heard even in prayers, kneeling

Spring Summer Autumn or Winter, all seasons

are yours to sing the praise or relate a tale

who says April is cruel,maybe for some, come

the time for flowers blossoms birds songs is here

All the world is gathering the gems n pearls

O Poem lyric sonnet ode  haiku or epic

Thou art perfect peaceful personal and classic

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 14 ~ A Dialogue ‘O Please, Dear Tulsa Road Rawalpindi.

My Nature 034My Nature 036My Nature 033


O’ My, My Dear Tulsa Road !

Once You were so Grand and broad
Stretching long and smooth and clean
From 502 to Qasim Base with
metaled grace in between;
O Why O Why you are left
Neglected down trodden and ‘yateem’
So many a VIP you have seen
Still silent sounds of sirens you hear
Star jeeps pass by of the country’s cream;

Tulsa Road
O My Dear Resident
I am suffering
with pain and degeneration
The cuts craters humps and dilapidation-
Oh Lord, what are we learning and teaching
in this precarious condition?
That is the question-
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer,
the slings and jumps of outrageous travel
The heart aches and the thousand natural
shocks that the flesh is heir to-
Or to take arms against oceans
of ditchy trouble..err. rubble-
But now its a place where people and all-
Garbage throw; O Why have you gone so low?

O My Dear Tulsa Road
I have always admired you as I go
I have sped and drove my old red Alto
Because then I really could do so
O Tulsa Road -I love you
For You gave me space to walk
As I travelled my way to chalk
First to learn then to share and then to talk;

Tulsa Road
Who would bear the whips and scorns of time immemorial
The laws delay, the repairs astray, the rains decay ;
A life of neglect abuse rough use and strife
Do we continue to grunt and sweat under this weary life?

I still polish my own shoes
But I remain constantly in the blues
Why have you lost your lovely hues
Haven’t ‘WE the People’ given you your dues?

Tulsa Road
Trying to be defiant in dilapidated defeat !
Trying to be there still serving in retreat-
Though gone is the tar rubble crush and concrete
I live and lie here with the pure belief
All is not lost,courage never to submit or yield-
I have the best and seen the best in me
with Institutes of Education I am replete.

OH Please Tulsa Road,
Get back and set straight the load
that you have to carry , A La Mode
and let it be forbode
True to Da Nostradamus Code
Not from any Consultancy abroad,but from

the Inner hearts of the Cantonment Board

YOU will Be the Queen and Not The Forsaken
And Not be remembered as The Road Not Taken.