In Collaboration,with profound thanks to Mr Paul Brookes -Wombwell Rainbows-Ekphrastic Challenge April 2022 -Day 30~ Colors of Life

Gaynor Kane – Trees in Snow

Trees like a rainbow
secretly grow,
deep inside, down below,
pointing to the skies,
as if they know
the unseen distance
in the celestial spheres
to pure love show-
close to each other, glow
sway, swing and flow-
in colors majestic, tall
or low,in rain hail or snow.

JPL -30

The Birds Prayer
O Lord
Let me fly a little more
so I may choose the stone
to land on-
all are so charmingly heavenly-
O Lord
My praise is for all
my life is short , I may fall
so I will touch each turn by turn
and fly back o mountain hall.

NapoWrimo 2022-Earth Day _

The Earth is alive below
shaking disturbed cracking still
yet in revolution,moaning rumbling protesting
O pale moon, bear witness!
O sometimes silent sometimes chirping birds
take notes to the skies,
fly as nature holds the wings
from darkness to dawn.

Speak not of the blood that flows
like rivers from wounds
that oozes from cruel cuts
by sticks and pellets that drop
from splinters showered by blasts
that is visible on clothes tattered and shrouds,
O’ moon see the other side and send a sign
of peace-
a bird of song
a light of love

Find, find a harbinger of truth justice and salvation.

The Earth is alive below, yearning to heal – hoping, anticipating,

In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes UK- for ~NaPoWriMo 2022 Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge~Day 3

GK  3  –  LILY – Inspired by ArtWork by Gaynor Kane

In the mysterious blues , in fathoms deep
Replete with breathing species unknown,,
Nature’s growth  manifold , variegated,
In the giant cup is manifest tender beauty,
Floating miraculously, decorating waves
stable, table like, colorfully white –
joyfully trembling with wonders of creativity. 
 Haiku     – JPL  3 –
Inspired by ArtWork by John Phandal Law

unique shape given
creative power  sublime
One worthy of praise.

In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes ~Wombwell Rainbows UK, Artists, and Writers for Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge 2022~ Day 2

GK 2  Abstract Sunset
O Glorious Sunset
 illumined, unending, serving eternally the unseen,
and life in all forms manifest, living in a golden palace,
 in the River Okeano, till a fixed time.
Nothing survives without you, symbol of the gift of sight
travel across the skies , in a four winged horse chariot
effulgent scathingly warm till a fixed time.
sunset sends a message strong, I cannot stay, all day long
half the job done, half  to do, must move on
for other worlds too-be not lonely for you may not see
but I leave behind a shining company, till a fixed time.

and when I see the sunset spreading I know
life is not ending,no loneliness prevailing as flocks fly
slowly by homeward bound, happily silently  all have to go,
to safety,to sleep promises to fulfill ,to thank ,not weep
love is Eternal  The Lord keeps,
till a fixed time.
JPL   2
Industrial growth
Is it ease peace or chaos
War destroys it  all

Day 1. My annual National Poetry Month 2022 ekphrastic challenge is a collaboration between artists Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, Anjum Wasim Dar, and writers, Tim Fellows, Carrie Ann Golden, Math Jones, Merril D. Smith, Leslie James, Lesley Curwen, Peter A., Eloise Birnam-Wood, Jen Feroze, Vicky Allen, Angi Plant, Simon Williams, Dee Roycroft, Jamie Woods, Jona Roy, Beth Brooke, Caroline Johnstone, Lynne Jensen Lampe and myself. April 1st.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Day One

AWD1 Masks

-Anjum Wasim Dar – Masks

Gk1 Abandoned

-Gaynor Kane – Abandoned


-John Phandal Law

The Absence (GK 1 Abandoned)

The empty black chair
once used by someone of great value
claimed through a senseless,
bloody war
robbing her of the only
that kept her tethered
to sanity

-Carrie Ann Golden


Civilian corridors

And now you will endure trial by gift-giving he said,

hiding behind flowers. Follow the scent to your destination.

It may not be where you need to go.

-Lesley James

Empty (inspired by AWD1 and GK1, April 1st)

In the unconscious night
the world is in colours,
swirling, melting and folding.
There is joy and laughter,
people surround me
like a child’s blanket.
In the daylight my room is empty.

-Sir Tim Fellows CBE

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Poetic Power ~2022 ~ Peace ~ If Guns Were Flowers

First Printed by G Jamie Dedes – The Poet by Day

If Guns Were Flowers

if guns were flowers they would be colorful

beautiful, appealing and smell so nice

they would be light to carry, would carry love

and powder of affection rather than affliction

if guns were flowers there would be gardens

more and graves less, joy more, sadness less

would soothe comfort please and caress

friends favorites fans more,enemies less

if guns were flowers I would plant them

then gather the seeds to share for PEACE

then gather some more, go to the shore

sail the seas on ancient ship,to get more

Anjum Wasim Dar


CER Copyright 2018

Through thaws of March #poetry #dVerse


Cold blows the wind from east to westand far it seems, so very farthe home where we may take our restlike some receding star I have on this thin dress, bare rags,the babe bound to my backI pray is warm, and safe and snugand feels the heat I lack My eldest, bent against the wind,her […]

Through thaws of March #poetry #dVerse

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Poetic Power ~ 2022~ Poem for Peace ~

the world,
all human beings inhabit,
walk, lie, run, stand or sit,
all are human beings,
all the same-so what,
If different colors, different
names, all life is tender,
all families remember.

Not long ago, the nations
decided to end world war.
No more, no more
after thousands killed
and surrendered, now
where is the promised peace ?
where is the land of dreams ?
only on screens in movies?
but even not so -as
ttaking pride in shooting killers,
guns, spears, pistols and machines.

Children are innocent everywhere,
they may be in school, at home,
in mosque, in market or in valley,
lane, house,bus, field or alley-

Death sweeps like a tsunami,
one man, gunman or an army,
it’s time this hate or insanity
should be addressed –
reasons found and redressed.
Ares must be defeated-one rock
One blow- O ‘ Athena, cut the block,

Peace, peace, peace must prevail,
let us think peace speak peace
play peace call peace and act
let us be peaceful and loving
and make a sensible pact…hey too are action thrillers-

Eros. a poem by Olga Stein



EROS Angels and demons aren’t mere folklore and myth; Freud said they are signs of our unfulfilled yearnings. Stories of gods who are wanton or wrathful Recreate our frustrations and deep-seated longings— Discontents that puncture civilizational veneers, Shake the so-called foundations of millennial faiths, And rattle the shackles of psychic wraiths Who pattern and shape our subliminal fears. Either praised or reviled Eros has been Since Helen’s amour was decried as obscene By those dreading excess—theologians, logicians, And, oddly, some addled metaphysicians. Eros, munificent spirit or godhead, Let your turbulence keep me aloft for a spell. Let me be carried on unrepressed ardor And let my pen venture, indifferent to censure. Eros is linked to ungovernable emotions, Which arise from below the transverse plane, A line that separates body and spirit, faculties rendering one sane or insane. Our inferior parts — not the ego, but id Is humanity’s bane, Freud…

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