not long ago the nations…

kingstondatapics 072
the world all human beings inhabit
walk lie run stand or sit
all are human beings
all the same
so what if different names
all life is tender
all families remember
not long ago the nations
decided to end world war
no more no more
after thousands killed
and surrendered
where is the promised peace
where is the land of dreams
only on screens in movies
but even not so as 
they too are action thrillers
taking pride in shooting killers
guns spears pistols and machines
who is to stop murder and plunder
children are innocent anywhere 
they may be in school, at home
in mosque in market or in valley
lane, house,bus field or alley-
Death sweeps like a tsunami
one man gunman or an army
its time this hate or insanity
should be addressed –
reasons found and redressed
peace peace peace must prevail
let us think peace speak peace
play peace call peace and act
let us be peaceful and loving
and make a sensible pact……


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