On Thanking Forgiveness and Miracles

For many days I walked and saw
small stones coming in my way
and rough was the path near the place
I had to stay
I saw on ground all sorts of things
I saw many birds flying high on their wings
I saw children walking to and from school
I saw people living in huts and sheds
not feeling the cold nor the cool
I wondered how they got along without food
and little water they carried from the nearby pool
food I did see when on the path
huddled together to share
was the whole family-
I wondered if they had anything to fear-
as they smiled and looked at me in awe
and I felt heavy with my coat and bag
my eyes were laden my feet would drag
and I would wish and wonder how life
could be better,no war or strife
no bombs or fights
only peace and love
Live and Let Live!
See How He Provides from the Top
How He feeds all living beings
We must Thank and be Forgiving
and I keep praying for
miracles to appear



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