Then Evil will be stilled till….

a disturbed mind,
weak in darkness of worldly life
wounded in spirit unloved shattered with mental strife
for days spent in pain grief hurt and loneliness endless
how can one not be anxious angry upset and nervous?

togetherness has long departed out of sight
who cares who knows as might is just right
one nation to rule the world created for all
‘why not live and let live like before The Fall?
Hope’ sustains
as there will be Time of Peaceful delight
when the Saviour will come
then Evil will be stilled till….

there are there will be

Angels above to the left right all over and beneath
Ordained eternally,alight in regions of sorrow and
darkness visible, in waning light, gathering to protect
risk takers desperate in dangerous plight, in utter
silence surrendering, rearranging ranks multitudinous,
amidst absolute lull as vast windows extend
their heavy frames boundless from edge to edge
swing wide for the host of a hundred thousand
as upright they rise on a mission to end
the horrible futile brutal earthly fight
to begin their final move of the long
awaited sacred flight


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