Time to rise from the slumber


We seem to have Fallen

like leaves in the Autumn

perpetually numb in heart
and mind, feet swollen
in hours long with no action,
eyes fixed on images old
routines cold and foretold
what is life ‘a reaction’
Nothing matters, nothing
will except Death, Behold
blood splatters in a van
cries screams bodies shot
who is right who is not?
Girls covered unsafe slot?
burnt blocked killed shut

We seem to have Fallen
who needs education?
leaders women or men?
must be the whole nation
we are surely surely fallen
hurled headlong in a fiery
deluge, no refuge nor forgiven

Time to rise from the slumber
read write and count in number
pray prepare pray and pray
Think within, outside the range
Time to Repent do The Right
Time to Get Together for Change


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