A Subtle Truth is Harmony


“This is a subtle truth.


Whatever you love, you are.”




Come then, Let me see the swirl
is it forbidden or like the twirl of
the sacred tree, open to view
unravelled for all

Making amends for The Fall
in a perpetual twist and curl
branches entangled in deep grief
arms engaged in constant thirl

O’do not ask what made it so
was it The Flood that let it grow
a figure, plea, theme or a dance
or does it say ‘This is the Last Chance’

Trees live on and I have been told
They have secretly hidden the mean
But Trees have sheltered the Holy Sacred
They were homes of Enlightened Beings

This Tree is special as I see it
as Trees give life and they speak
This one’s Happy in a joyful streak
I see arms raised in Ecstatic tweak
the swirling dancers may unfurl
the hearts rhythm love’s encircle
The tree more mystic in embrace
attains the ‘still point’in all grace

will it move will it break?
will it with soul’s emotions, shake?
O do not ask but wait and see
The swirling dancers may vanish

but be calm and know,
not the Tree’ the Tree will not go’
It will stay till long after time

who can say if it is
the dancer or the dance

you may never, never know



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