Even More than Roses Express

Its even more than roses express
the colour of the heart’s flow
felt in the veins which do not show
heard in the sound of the beat slow-

I myself do not know
when the stem came in to grow
perhaps the seed already there
needed the green to begin the care-

and now my restless soul seeks
the roots of the rose that keeps
me awake pierced in tears
thorns touch creating fears –

I reach for the sweet aroma
breathe deep to inhale incense
I reach out to feel the petals
alas I’m held by forbidden clutches

why do we connect with souls
who merge with your spirit
bring peace and calm, but
vanish after applying the balm

I gather the roses again
in vain though to ease the pain,
I seek the saving soul all over
yes now I hope to meet in pure rain

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