~ I Am Awake I know ~


I am awake I know, I think
positioned on a certain deck,
my feet touch no Earth
nor sand or stone, but a
base that creaks like wood
I hold a rail for support
for I feel I might fall and sink,
I look around only to find
pitch darkness no port visible
Is it a ship? is it moving?
who is steering?
Not a soul on the stern
Perhaps a silent navigator
has let down the anchor
lying in wait for the Light
calmer waves and brighter morrow
I shiver and sense a chill
in the marrow
still waters run deep
where are the sailors
who is awake like me
or quietly lying awaiting sleep
all is mysterious
all is unknown
One thing I know for sure
There is Good in store
The Silent Navigator
will not let us down
on the brink
If we have prayed with
Truth in our hearts
we have travelled straight
and connected right with The Link


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