Remember The Sudd ?


Sudd in River Nile Egypt

Deeply conscious of the
blinding luminous Corona
the clayey vessel trembled,
bowed low tried to crawl
in vain into the shadow
struggling to hide and bluff


efforts proved futile,all the while
were just a false self deception
visible were, stains of corruption
For what reason, forgotten were
The Nails on the Cross?
Alas! Tis our very own loss’


Blood flowing non stop in streets
brushes away the Holy Grail
No more is there time to wail
Do you see humility manifest
in the bowing willow
as it continuously weeps?


Cracked cut broken repaired
frail muscle skin and bonesReturn’ Return’
Remember The Sudd
‘Thick bestrewn from edge to edge’
Nothing grew Nothing remained
Nothing will remain
but stones and mud


Yet and Yet there is Hope
If You hold tight The Rope










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