Light Keeps the Spirits Alight

When darkness suddenly descends

this light keeps the spirits alight

with hope courage and sight

In the middle of the night

when the heart and mind fight

the oblivious battle of might

ideas great and thoughts 

of intellectual height

when the Pen keeps tight

words of wisdom prayer

Truth and The Right’

when not enough is the fading twilight
nor even the full moon light
when faint rustling is heard of the samite
and blocked are the letters of the playwright
when it does matter` the black or white’


Then I think of The Eternal, Finite,
The Great Rhetoric, The Disunite’
Who suffered, the Krait’s bite?
never thought of the ensuing plight
and Fell from Heaven to Earthy site
Have we lost all the spessartite?

Will there come,
the perfect gallant knight
to pierce straight through in flight
pulling away the murky pall
Cleansing the shame of The Fall
restoring peace and love outright.


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