One Step Momentary

Holding with pride,
flags indigenous
so many stepped breathless
splashing sunburnt smiles
so many perished traceless
trackless for miles
like Chindits
one step momentary
one step to victory;

Say! what Sacred Goddess
Divine reigns supreme?
Guiding the Majestic Militia
along the rocky seams.
Discerning mal intentions
mountain demons elaborate,
susurrating icy spells,encircling
rituals,to obliterate –

aimful aspiring determined
climbers, performing a
lifetime missionary visit,
Say O’Spirit sublime’
what significance it holds?
what stories are told?
once reaching the top
they say it is ‘Them’ or ‘I’

But no one can deny The Power
of the Unmoved Moving Crest.
Who keeps together strings
ropes spikes and cords?
sunlit moonlit or hidden in mist
it is eternally manifest
HE makes the impossible possible
warmth of The Cold Conquest



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