Life not Tears


Why Growing Fears are Bringing Tears 

Falling tears

Now streaming down the pale cheeks, 

Now drying the lashes – 

Seeming shocked spears; 

Laughter and smiles 

Suddenly stopping for miles 

Just sounds of sirens and screams- 

Shattered are the dreams; 

What life is to be? 

To be or not to  be? 

Murder most foul in Kingdoms 

Or in my very own country- 

Flee Flee Flee Homo Fugee- 

OH Dear I am a Born Refugee 

Where do I take refuge 

with blasts occurring so huge 

Bloody bodies scattering like sedge


Far and wide from edge to edge 

And I with growing fears 

Of what will be the end of Years? 

War terror killing is All One hears; 

Who are they?  The Taliban? 

What people what religion what clan? 

Growing Fears for Our Children 

Families and Brethren 

We want Peace Love Life not Tears 

Peace like the Greeks, Peace of Holy Life 



No road blocks curfews blackouts and bans- 

Oh Lord Illumine brightly what is deep and


Forgive us and save us from this 

Hideous ruin rummage Abyss 

Bring calm to my growing fears 

All is not Lost we can still stop 

The warfare-  with talk justice and prayer.



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