Come find your way

Half covered, half numb, their senses cemented

shaking revealing rhythming away the darkness
amid subdued lights,
drinks drugs and dance,never cumbersome
straying attraction entranced
love of all love controls the sights.

It is better to rest to sleep to pray
It is better to thank to weep, to stay

Heed not the drowsy murmur of the bees
Be not lost in the honeyed ease
Come find your way on the map
hold it firm on your lap
Time…there is not much water
in the tap…

Birds of Mecca pelted pebbles
from the sky
Reluctant are only the disbelievers
Loss is for the ‘all deceivers’

Prayer is better than sleep
Prayer is better than sleep

We all know about the flowers and fire
We all know how to heaven the good went

We know of locusts blood and the flood

But Beware of the dense visible smoke’
Which will be sent forth from the sky’
A painful torment from up high…

It is better to cover to help to give
Stay alive, for ‘others’, we need to live’

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