I never Wanted to Leave You

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In all my education
I  learnt many things
maps  drawings  and readings
but I never learned the art
 of communication,
I never wanted to leave you
I wanted to say –
but I ended by saying
I don’t want to stay;
I never wanted to leave you, so
I wrote many letters
I gave you envelopes and papers
I gave you pens pencils and erasers
I could have said ‘ I need an answer’
You did write-a detailed in the box
note a ‘Thank You’
But kept it all with you,and even then
I never wanted to leave you.
I ordered  a special pizza
and shared your favorite Pepsi
and told you of my deep affection
But I got to hear ‘you have an infection”
still I never wanted to leave you.
Oh Dear I am a committed person
so many patients  wait in emergency
I need to sleep sleep and sleep
how can I all the promises keep?
Why do you say all this about affection
why do you even send me gifts
why do you wish to see
a small simple person like me?
Oh here is the miscalculation
Now I think I may leave you;
we the semi educated wonderful nation
take all affection as the result of addiction
and I just say that it is there
without the art of communication
‘I never wanted to leave you.
I could have said that without hesitation…



~ The Pure Residue! ~



Passersby turn, stare
some look some care,
shocked stopped,shot,
people common turn
and turn again,
In no time, blasts sound
painful screams shout in vain

blood stains,blood flows

fills streets smears roads,
ambulances turn and turn again
dumping bodies in bags,

turn again,
colored cloaks cover  colored skins,

Truth lies in clayey
lodgings beneath,

the sword shines
in its sheath,


horses snort
stample feet
ready to dash
conquer defeat,

Skins may shine
cloaks be grand
in supreme honor one
may smile and stand
Look! The Right View!
What matters is
The Pure Residue!

Try to Understand!In the trunk,


firmly rooted deeply sunk,looking straight

Then for the rest,
fervently faithful
oarsmen pull,unseen,
guiding the vessel
with the breeze,clean;
who knows when on land
time and tide may touch

Gather All Good Trade
Good Deeds that Ye Must!
soon the vessel may rust
Mortals must return to Dust

Turn Now to Truth to The Word
Let No One say’The Cry The Call
Ye did not, Ye had not heard !
Turn, Ye People,Turn, Turn All!

Take the cue, know the clue
All must have, All must care,
Nothing matters, nothing new
Make Haste for a Pure Residue!


~ Like Sea Gulls Sang ~


conquering darkened conjured realms
Dutybound Sun rose in golden grandeur
letting its morning rays tenderly sweep

the vast expanses, kissing the rusty sleepy
walking species, crawling myriads,
to stretch and yawn, coaxing , probing
to a reawakening;


Like prophets spoke in gentle words
Like sea gulls sang as swinging birds
Like David’s Psalms in rhythmic chords


Like sailboats entry in open fjords
Like lilting notes of Grecian flutes
Like clippety clops on cobbled routes
Like raindrops descent one by one
Like squirrels frolic just for fun
Like flowers dancing with the dew
receiving the warmth, lovingly begun,



Half the world in Happy Light
Half in pain, in torments swept

Remember the Tears when Angels wept?
Deep scars that thunder cleft?
Why so long
cemented in false beliefs
we have slept?
Rusted in sin I cried
and crept,
The Light has Come,
For I feel the Heat
that has touched my feet,
The Truth I accept!

must shake off my sleep
must take off my coat
must hear the final note-

Awake Arise or
Be Forever Fallen
The Bugle is Callin’
The Bugle is Callin’

Hurry hurry hurry,
Run run run,
Pray pray pray
One by one,
That’s The Only Way!


Make for The Boat!
Make for The Boat!

In Response to Trifecta Writing Challenge Week 52 ~ Literary Realisations ~

And now on to our quick weekend challenge.  This weekend, we’re sending you back to English 101 to revisit the concept of literary devices.  We want you to give us a 33-word example of personification.

Wait.  What?  You forget what that is?  It’s the practice of attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, phenomena and animals (http://literary-devices.com).  It’s when the wind howls, the car door grunts, and the front porch shrugs its shoulders under the weight of its own history.  Remember?  For some writers, it’s the backbone of their art.  This weekend, we want you all to give it a whirl, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Good luck!

My Response…

peaceful pencil



Back to the box,  cannot follow her. Rolling twisting  numbness  came, day’s scribbles flashed, no learning!

My ancestors never mentioned noisy gatherings, paper balls flying, we being beaten on desks like mad!

~ Loneliness is a Powerful Thing ~



Loneliness is a powerful thing
to write about.
No one hears
even if you shout

no one reads
there is doubt
Loneliness is a killing thing

lump in the throat

numb and afloat feet
heart sinking and
missing the beat

Loneliness is a depressive thing


It comes in a day
when a dear one is
indifferent and far away
with reasons unknown
what can one say-

Loneliness is a lonesome thing

it stays with the lonely
and makes them sing
when they cannot fly
with their broken wings.

Loneliness is a powerful thing

when it builds patience
when it fills emptiness
when it heals wounds



when it shows colors

when it reveals character

Loneliness is a powerful thing

when it does not come once
when it goes and returns
when it widens distances
when it cools the burns
Loneliness is the absence of response.


~ Even Words Don’t Matter ~



Things objects clothes even words don’t matter
when the cherished valued person is no more

everything appears a meaningless scatter
when lost is the touch, body gone for sure

one may keep snaps , books, cards and files
it becomes a storehouse of still silent piles

The heavy prompt rests on a serious note
reminds me of poet Mirza Ghalib and I quote

‘when I ceased to be,they found no ends
only’some love letters, some snaps of friends’

(chnd tasweer e butan, chnd haseenon ke khatoot
baad marne ke mere ghar se ye samaan nikla)

so what to leave behind and what all to take
leave the old memories, carry all good no fake

for a writer, its the pen filled with non drying ink
the notebook , the laptop to maintain the link

with it I may sling on my camera a gifted Sony
would love to ride and fly on a white winged pony

~ In Response to Trifecta Writing Challenge ~ Strange Frustration ~

This weeks Challenge Word

BITCH (noun)

1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2 a : a lewd or immoral woman
b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant


My response~

Dreams visions mystical

someone loving

grasping vainly  fragrant



strange frustration

‘ lazy!

sun is half in the skies’

‘getting up early , cruelty

Ah, bitch it is’

Dreams!  my  only treasure.