~ A Promise Fulfilled ~



IMAGE_553God sent you I know
Because I wanted you so
And I prayed to Him;
To send you as a friend,

someone to share
Someone to care

someone to laugh with
God sent you, I know
Because I asked Him to–
As He is the one who knows
He loves and cares
He is the One who shares
He makes us laugh and smile
God sent you I know—
When I see you I see Him

When you smile I know He is happy
When you laugh I know He is smiling too
God loves us so
And I know He sent you
And I love Him, and I love you
I hope you do too,

and I hope you love God —
I know you do…
Since God has revealed you
I know there is a purpose
I know, it is true, and there is a promise—
He has His way of showing His love
He can see us, sinners, from above;
I am Thankful for All His Blessings
If we stay on His way
He will not leave us astray
I talk to Him, Thank Him every day
I am not alone in my room,
God is with me
And with Him, it is you I see—
And peaceful is the true company.

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