Of Someone I Love


Over the years I have learnt

To be soft and tender in my speech

If I have to reach
The heart and soul of someone I love;

Over the days I have tried
To be patient and brave
To bear the harsh realities
And save- my strength to wait at length
To let the silent tears soothe my fears
Of The Grave and Lonely years

Over The moments I have stepped
back, to give space
To close my eyes and feel
The serene face and tender touch of
The Spirit I so dearly love.

Over my life
I have drifted, along with the flow
I came to know
I have to go and be slow
To move step by step
shed tears drop by drop

Over my heart I found, nothing was my own
It All had to be gifted, to known and unknown

Over my Heart I saw, as inside I bled
Outside All was Black as the invisible was red,
The return of Love was hard to find
Values virtues had vanished, no one was really kind
The more you cared and shared, the more you lost
No voice could be heard until it was a shout
And with all your sincere Love
Your love was always in doubt.


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