Of Floristic Archaic Aphoristic ~

O’ we begin with Chaucer G
way back in the fourteenth century
and that’s how English should be
studied discussed and understood
when was there a ’schwa’ or not
or just  another ‘e’.
‘To be or not to be ‘
do we quote all this deliberately?
Poets  poets poets and poetry
is all that we  read   and   see.
From the Classical Athenian Greeks
to the shores of Roman Virgilian Italy.
I was a reader of Literature
of floristic archaic aphoristic  pithy
utterances about lean mean and murky
But Poets make people they make nations
build stations on high-here are the words of how
 the blades and swords  brought life and victory;
Poets stay alive and keep alive Poetry
-No Poets are Dead but A Dead Society-

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