‘Peck While Ye Have Time’ ~




‘Trees with foliage,
Pray Save the Forest!
silent sat the Kinglet
Shivering offereing
scared obeisances.
Afraid in density
Afraid to move
Afraid to stir
lest the songs reveal
the hidden treasures;

the constant pecking
had a warning tone’
‘Let it be known
‘Let it be known’
‘peck while ye have time’
‘life is short, its still thine’
‘find the Truth of the pearls’
Collect The Good
before the gun shoots
and the bombs hurl
shattered glass, and
splinters ooze fresh blood,
Twittering songs grew louder
Dawn broke prouder
‘Oh Lord save us from
The Fall, Let it be known’
Pray with the bird
The Early Bird
There is a Third
Who comes, the Light
has shown-Let it
be known
The tree heaved
a relieving sigh

As birds began to fly
It seemed a sharp wind
had blown,
High up above
The Message had flown.


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