~ The Pure Residue! ~



Passersby turn, stare
some look some care,
shocked stopped,shot,
people common turn
and turn again,
In no time, blasts sound
painful screams shout in vain

blood stains,blood flows

fills streets smears roads,
ambulances turn and turn again
dumping bodies in bags,

turn again,
colored cloaks cover  colored skins,

Truth lies in clayey
lodgings beneath,

the sword shines
in its sheath,


horses snort
stample feet
ready to dash
conquer defeat,

Skins may shine
cloaks be grand
in supreme honor one
may smile and stand
Look! The Right View!
What matters is
The Pure Residue!

Try to Understand!In the trunk,


firmly rooted deeply sunk,looking straight

Then for the rest,
fervently faithful
oarsmen pull,unseen,
guiding the vessel
with the breeze,clean;
who knows when on land
time and tide may touch

Gather All Good Trade
Good Deeds that Ye Must!
soon the vessel may rust
Mortals must return to Dust

Turn Now to Truth to The Word
Let No One say’The Cry The Call
Ye did not, Ye had not heard !
Turn, Ye People,Turn, Turn All!

Take the cue, know the clue
All must have, All must care,
Nothing matters, nothing new
Make Haste for a Pure Residue!



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