In Response to Brenda’s Wordle 93 ~ Human or …ist ?


For long the  antique  coffer

lay in the mist

for reasons unknown,

silently in the quist

deaf to the chimes

across the vast abyss

who took it out of the Grand Cist?

and made visible in the middle

of the mysterious abandoned xyst,

sadist stockist Or the Tanist

of Celtic Chieftan

Or Maurists,long skirted hooded

Praying for mercy’

Was he a Septembrist?

Or a Decembrist

Or  an activist?

Or a terrorist?

Scattered in the raw,tattered in dress

countenance thin strawlike on the chin

in action horrid or some may think


What tempests rage and crash

the skirted edge, rise in grandeur

waltzing  harmonious overtures in

celestial spheres like a thousand

playing synchronised , lutinists-

Ah! to what scales may humans

ascend or descend farthest from

Good Glory and Grace’

Mirror Mirror’ can ye tell All?

What is The Human?

Realist idealist or alchemist

or if like some-an existentialist?


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