In Response to Austin Briggs March Prompt ~ The Unseen Heart ~

A photograph of a
handsome boy,

‘You will marry this man’

She was just ten, she accepted, loved.

The elders decide, ‘it’s time’
‘No cousin marriage,’ he said.
Her heart beat no more…

A surgeon, he cut, he saw

his name in blood, knew not his ailing dying love

He was never shown a photograph.


In Response to ~ Trifecta Writing Challenge ~ Week Fifty Eight ~ Queen of The Ring

I  collapsed

Suffered, one day

I wore,

A green stone in a ring.

The lord said,  ‘Bring’

Love’ Forgive’

for True Life Work!

I did, now

I am of the Ring,

The Queen.

Through the window I saw



Through the window
I saw
silent serenity embodied
it became a window
to a
strange quiet new world;

looking away,windswept
hair hid the profile
as arms by the side,
casually held,
reflected a free soul
and spirit enclosed in slim
encasement so tenderly;
for a moment
it seemed
as if it were
an angel in white,
was it my mind
or was it The Light’
perhaps the dress was
bright,I heard silence-
What music played
as I looked
what fragrance wafted in
through the window
of my soul and
touched my heart
breaking the silence
happiness sang
somewhere bells rang

more windows opened
angels descended
soft singing continued

and now each day
I open a window
to see through
no longer I see darkness
of The Night
as I know, I have found
A Love filled Light’