NaPoWriMo ~ Day 6 ~ A Valediction ~ The Last Caravel ~

challenge is to write a valediction. This is a poem of farewell. Perhaps the most famous one is John Donne’s A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, which turns the act of saying good-bye into a very tender love poem. But your poem could say “good-bye” (and maybe good riddance!) to anything or anyone. A good-bye to winter might be in order, for example. Or good-bye to the week-old easter eggs in your refrigerator. Light or serious, long or short, it’s up to you!

The Last Caravel
For long anchored at half mast
apprehensive of unknown seas
breathing  soft breezy caresses
awaiting lay the Caravel,last-
no one had cast an evil spell
nor a message  by Goddess Hel
no more was the cargo, mel
nor wooden barrels of Tavel
it swayed  shifting  like a shell
 journeys ended and the revel
dampened by surf and sweat
seeped stories show in materiel
they all stood on the sandy shore
‘last looks ‘ on the vessel’ no more
grace  in its time of glory, spent
now ready to sink,tired and sore
Farewell O Majestic Queen of Oceans
You carried precious stuff with emotions
Pride of Jason Gulliver and Ulysses
forever a sailor’s life and devotion
so many others  humbly submerged
lie forgotten on the ocean bed
but  Oh Graceful  Caravel, farewell ‘
lie in peace,you will never be dead.

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