NaPoWriMo ~ Day 7 ~ A Common Social Story ~

Speaking of which, here is our optional prompt for this, the seventh day of NaPoWriMo. I challenge you to write a poem in which each line except the last takes the form of a single, declarative sentence. Then, the final line should take the form of a question. With any luck, this will result in poems that have a sort of driving, reportorial tone, but with a powerful rhetorical finish. Let’s hope so, anyway!

They told a common social story.

Retired from service.Came home.

Took control and command.

Of home car and cash.

Asked for lists of items.

Daily made to the markets the dash.

Bought vegetables meat and other stuff.

Set things in the fridge.

Grunted hoarse huffed and puffed.

Food should be ready eaten on time

Cook this this and that.

Fruit fresh and dry displayed

rooms all spic, in line cushions laid

all said and done on sofa sprawled.

‘what is for dinner ? he asked.


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