NaPoWriMo ~ Day 12 ~ ‘Fancy Fashionable’

Today’s offering comes to us from Charles Bernstein’s list of poetry experiments. In particular, today I challenge you to “write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.”

Honesty is the best policy, after all, so get it off your chest!

To a Former Senior

The first look  is full of  charms

Later the bells ring alarms

‘Watch Out’ a brutal possessor’

a Cancerian shooter  killer

‘I cut away anyone who comes

in between, the aim and me’

O  how plainly it poisons me

wish to break the fetters free

but alas’ for the work and the

benefit monetary-

‘Go  Cut your hair’ wear red

either follow this or be dead’

after hearing this I wish I had said

‘why dont you wear black ‘

be stung and be attacked

either retired or simply fired

and never by anyone else hired’

may you have the aches and pains

depression stress and loss of gains’

but Yes Ma’am is all I can say, quickly

I place the files and run hurriedly away.

Having the height and the flair the

advantage is all with the smile and the sway




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