NaPoWriMo ~ Day 17 ~ ‘Welcome Table ~

Today, let’s try the opposite, and write poems of greeting. There’s lots of things you could greet. The spring? Your new stapler? A favorite classmate? An addition to the menu at your local cafe? The subject’s up to you — now get out there and say “hello!”

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 God  gifted the flair of expression

soft  words soaked in  sweetness

in mellifluous notes wrapped,

sailing seeped in the wind, from

the twinkle  shining  in the  eyes,



nothing could be traced on paper

uncomfortable would be the feet

due to  uneven uncomfortable seat,

what I must have is a piece of wood

stable solid heightwise fits me good-


for days the whispers went in the house

daughters  conspired quiet as a mouse;

forlorn, writer self, chewed the quill

musing in  a state drifting drowned in;


dreams, drinking amidst four legged

flat glass topped formica lined,pegged;

items floating sailing by like in Alice’s

worldly well, falling down the tunnel-


O Dear Mr Carpentar Sir, make me one

of  grandeur style and ample space

that I may on paper patterns trace

which may become eternally graced


Struck against one ,broke  the trance

‘See, whats for you,  wonderful chance

‘O Halloa wow  what ‘o lovely where?

whats happening who’s there,here?


Open your eyes and behold ‘surprise

its come the gift of dreams ‘so Rise’

Welcome O’ Table O’ Grand Device’

so glad you have finally arrived’


Welcome to where you have a place

with a lamp mat mug you are graced

nothing more  but Athena’s Power

a pencil bag, erasers in the drawer


and now  the Herculean task cite

begin rhetoric vocab stroke write

A wooden monument symbolic

historic  desired  awaited in sight











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