NaPoWriMo ~ Day 18 ~ A War within a War ~

Today’s prompt comes to us from Cathy Evans, who challenges us to write a poem that begins and ends with the same word. You could try for something in media res, that begins and ends with “and,” for example. Or maybe “if.” Or perhaps you could really challenge yourself and begin/end your poem with a six-dollar word like “antidisestablishmentarianism.” (Just kidding!) Whatever word you choose, I hope you have fun with it!napofeature3



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 A War Within a War


A war within a war

A war so far a war on a star,

Detonating deafening destructing

A war on sand a war on land


War on terror, war by error?

War for the spoils war for the oil?

War on the Young, war by the Young,

Hopeless, groundless, Timeless war;


A war by the armed, on the unarmed

A War by the strong, on the weak throng

A War by dress  A war of stress

A War of Mess by the Thoughtless;


War against Fire

War to spend war to an end?

War against Age

War by Rage;


A War on a stage

A War in a cage

A War of words

A War with swords


What Man is warring in or warring out?


Laying hiding killing mines,

Building crushing walls bridges,

Filling moats ditches lines


I have heard cries of Enchained spirits

Bodies writhing torn raped, illicit,

NO MORE WAR  the call, PEACE ‘ the Vision

NO MORE destroying, blasting desecrating


Senseless, fenceless, meaningless,

Time to End Deifying WAR;

Time to End Unjust War

A War within a War




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