~ NaPoWriMo ~ Day 20 ~ ‘ Mythical Five ‘~

Today I challenge you to write a poem that uses at least five of the following words:  owl generator abscond upwind squander  clove miraculous  dunderhead  cyclops  willowy  mercurial  seaweed  gutter  non-pareil  artillery salt  curl  ego rodomontade  elusive twice ghost  cheese  cowbird truffle  svelte quahog  bilious                          Happy writing!

~ Mythical Five ~


Cyclops is not the only one

one eyed mythical giant

there are others one may find

twisters hurricanes rifles guns

explosives, not so noble or kind

ghosts spirits witches magicians

‘there is more  the eye may see’

elusive secret  hidden hated

no owl to symbolize  show hoot

Odysseus escaped miraculously

cave stone opened, Ah! target shoot

A king may not commit a mistake, twice’


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