~NaPoWriMo ~ Day 22 ~ Earth Day Poem ~ ‘Who Holds The Wings?’ ~

Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and is now celebrated internationally. In honor of the occasion, I challenge you to write a poem in keeping with Earth Day — it could be a reflection on what’s growing in your garden, a modern pastoral, or a Marianne-Moore-style poem about an animal. Anything to do with the natural world is fair game.

Happy writing!



~ Who Holds the Wings? ~

I don’t know why, I was happy
when I stepped outside in the cold
which again I did not feel as I –
looked up  ‘n saw an eagle

dive ‘n fly
it was a Call as Nature speaks
who holds the wings straight?
who keeps the birds floating  high?

as they with grandeur glide abide
by laws of unseen control ‘n not defy
content with twigs straws they nidify
flying to ‘n fro sway with the breeze
one high in the sky one tweeting

merrily in the trees—

 I saw them happy ‘n wished to stellify
on ground words the mind may occupy
and not allow a shut eye

all night—
I may dream to fly
around the world-like a star

But I am happy on Mother Earth
I shine and smile, with The Light!


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