~ NaPoWriMo ~ Day 27 ~ O’ Dear ‘The Royal Stitch ~

Today, I challenge you to use the wondrous powers of the Internet to help you write, and I have a particular method in mind. Think of a common proverb or phrase — something like “All that glitters is not gold,” or “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Then plug the first three words of the phrase into a search engine. Skim through the first few pages of results, collecting (rather like a poetic magpie) words and phrases that interest you. Then use those words and phrases as the inspirations (and some of the source material) for a new poem. Happy writing!

Proverb Chosen ~

A Stitch in Time saves Nine

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A shiver runs down the spine

royal dress  showing  the slash

time short,  problem benign

how to define, fracture hairline


rip in the fabric,tear in the piece

neat pleat folded fine by the crease


no knitting needles need no thread

for the garment is silky not a pelisse;


hoofs trot horses snort   bell rings

check to see if ready are all things


O’ Dear I fear I fear the tear ! the tear!

How on earth will her Highness wear?


all are worried fixed all wear a frown

what can be done  to save the crown


Think Think Move Move Do Do Sew

All crowded in, pins threads needles


pushed pulled pleated threaded too

pricked  raced  hemmed stitches flew


at last a dozen doing their best

won the race , time and test


at last  jig jumps on was the dance

smiles spread as saved was the gown


Princess  ready as Prince Royal fine

stepped in elegant  graceful and fine

fallen maids  exhausted on the floor

fingers sore ‘with stitches galore


it really is true  as  the sages opine

‘a stitch in time saves nine’











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