~ NaPoWriMo ~ Day 28 ~ In Color ~ Brown ~

Today, I’d like you to pick a color. How many synonyms are there for your color (e.g., green, chartreuse, olive, veridian)? Is your color associated with a specific mood (e.g., red = passion, rage, blue = hope, truth). Look around the room, take a walk — note everything you see that is your chosen color. Then start writing, using the color as a guide.

If you’re having trouble getting started, here are a few examples of “color” poems — Federico Garcia Lorca’s Romance Sonambulo, e.e. cummings’ All in Green Went My Love Riding, and (a personal favorite) Diane Wakoski’s Blue Monday.

Happy writing!

Color Chosen : Brown

O How amusing !

I look around I smile and then frown

I see so many things  colored brown

Right in front is the table I am using

the top is lined like a flowing gown

O How amusing !

Another table Oh why I have two

its chocolate brown, not black or blue

bookshelves with  cupboard is brown

bought quite cheap from nearby town

O how amusing !

boxes books covered doors and frames

all brown  beige biscuit in all the names

the lamp shades covers on the bed

almost everything from toe to head

O how amusing !

The whole room is like the dark godown’

no green some white bit yellow all brown


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