~ What to Say or Not to Say ~


what to say or not to say’ ‘ this heat’
fans are silent but mosquitoes sing
close to the ears and at the feet
what to say when friends so sweet,

may silently look, you may talk
much, and write a whole book
you should know and pay heed
each day is a treat , do not overeat

fruits greens fresh salads are best
starch sugar minced beef or meat
time and again life takes a test
there is a win a draw and a defeat

when will we find gone no more born
killers kidnappers thieves and cheats
no more serpents aliens and monsters
no more on this land a new ‘afreet’

so what to say or not to say I know
its best to talk to a lorikeet
or else I find an ancient sailing ship
begin an Odyssey, to the Isle of Crete



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