To reach the heart from far away

I belong to no religion.
My religion is Love.
Every heart is my temple.



wandered lonely for moments uncounted, not on the sky

but on this very land surrounded by thousands

of  worried eyes looks profiles, reflections

are you going to the tower? up the stairs ?

or will you enter and sit where ever

you get a seat ? with no matter who is beside?

No, I am sure as I feel secure for

 I know one thing I have a song to sing

for all the same, in any name

My heart will  beat red till

 I may be no more so I have said

The Only Power is One to reach it

the only sure real  way is One

From the heart itself , it is love pure,

and I have seen it in those eyes,smile, profiles

reflections, where it shone  in the soft smile,

How can I reach that love pure tender

speak soft grateful comforting words

for I could also feel  the deep swaying waves

of filling deepening pain brewing hurting

like a  growing rising burning storm

Reach out in the heart and mind with the One

The one and Only Feeling that is true

and you will see and know how love comes to you’

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