~ In Response to Brenda’s Wordle `114 ~ Prophecy of Class ~


A demise has no tracks

in hot or snowy regions

forests fields or vale

silent are the ack-acks

numb are the greybacks

deafened by the claques

Death is hungry on edge

bodies lie like sedge

broken is the pledge

the world an abscess

raped bleeding pale

in a complex mess

secret files spying spies

super powers masked

‘know what beneath lies’

finally seek oil and gas

answer is shale and coal’

 ‘Coal king’will lead the Class’


~ So Many Moments, So many Thoughts ~

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how many flowers plucked held, bent

how many words bowered  formed sent

how many moments hours days spent

in waiting hoping  praying the years went

innocent heart your love is true

but its not for this world so blue

where life is dark and flesh decadent

where sight is cold and emotions silent

you may choose from all the  flowers

and send all flowers of as many colors

 alas the fate of seekers is  well known

they stop to find ‘the bird has flown”

‘true love is not destined in this world

keep walking seeking holding flowers,

like the Dervish swirl sing,sing swirl,

drench your soul in  heavenly showers

so many flowers

    so many moments

  so many thoughts

 so many words…

~ Nothing Do I Say Nothing Do I Hear ~


Nothing do I say nothing do I hear

Sheathed in darkness nothing do I fear

I am at peace for I have loved

I am alone still as a stone, coved

Nothing is the same all is  beautiful

Nothing is dark all is colorful bright

Nothing do I want, Nothing is everything

Nothing will I keep, Giving is everything

Nothing  is hidden, the heart is a mirror

the red that flows is a mixture of color

I wished to hear words words  just words

the heart was empty, all taken by birds

  hands are clean as nothing have I touched

rich is the emptiness ,as the soul is blessed

~ Each Time I stop, and Try to Turn Away ~


each time  I stop,and try to turn away
each time each step turns me to stay-
each step I take to stay away-
each step slides me more to ‘the way’
I try to harden my tender emotions
I try to be strong with mixed potions
each time it does not work
each step takes me closer to ‘the garden’
why its only me that moves each time?
Why nothing stirs on the other sideline?
Each day I pray perhaps today
Changed will be my path my way
Each day each morning bright or grey
I find my steps taking me with the ‘rose’
Your Way….

~ Doubtful Resolutions ~


   In dark fettered solitude I remain

yearning to remove the permanent stain

clotting  inner recesses emotions domain;

O’  Faithful Moon  existing  in reflection

 dare not challenge the greater star

in half the light in half in vain;

when its dark I think of You

how bound how fettered are you

still you show  in white and blue;

what color is the  Earth now

can you see the golden sand

or unchain the repenting hand?

patience patience the flower pleads

someone is there,in silence reads

do not think I get lost in weeds;

thoughts of hope waft with the breeze

warmth of The Healing Hand I feel

doubtful resolutions, begin to melt,

drop by drop  begin to  defreeze

~ I Think I Should Stop Making Friends ~

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I think I should stop making friends
I think I should stop thinking of friends
Who are friends anyway, now I think?
They are special we like of human beings;

The friend I believed I had found and made
Turned out to be as stiff as a spade
Whatever I tried to do, she forbade
Slowly my love was in the graveyard laid;

She had an allergy to the word ‘love’
This I learnt from the stars above
She had no time or tide or to hide, a cove
I believe killed it was with the ‘peace dove’

What do friends have to do any way
To be a friend to go or stay
To give to talk to smile and play
To think to share to spare and pray;

Why are people so afraid to care
To let others in their life so fair
Why do they hide and just stare
And try to show that they can dare;

My friend I thought was my friend
was always giving me advice,to mend
To be my age as I am so nice, and
To see my own family at my own end;

She said ‘all are sick in this world’
This hit me direct and felt so blunt
She told me to go look and hunt
For another to love, OH what a taunt!

Why did I ever think of her as a friend
I liked her the way she thought and talked
I liked her work and the way she laughed
And that was more than God could send.

And all this time she kept asking me why?
I loved her and that it was a lie’
It was all a blackmail and a trick
And that I was old and surely an addict.

And now I am back in my room
All alone with God and the moon
from time to time my eyes overflow
my heart is heavy and my fears grow;

why did God make love
from the Heavens above
why did God make a heart and
for what kept it empty and apart?

Now I have rested my case…

Now I have rested my case in a casket
And put all flowers wishes In the basket,
and no more will I spare,words,poems
Time for someone else to read or share
The love that The Almighty has shown
Is for the fortunate to receive and own;

It is for Him that all thoughts must be
Or the poor, the hungry, and the needy,
I read somewhere long before, forgot
Two is company, three is a crowd,
To Dust and Him is our return,
He is the truest Friend of friends-
to Him we must bow and bend-
for as the great poet says too
‘In my beginning, is my end’

~ I Never Knew, You Never… ‘Oh Muse Guide My Imagination’ ~


You never received my letter, I never knew
And I thought you did not wish to write
You looked for it and did not find it–
How awfully odd or maybe sad you must have been-
When no postal packet there was on the scene;
What strange emotions from the spirit must have risen?
Oh Dear for the misplacement of the letter May I be forgiven?
I never knew that you never set eyes on the paper blue
And I got a message so prompt so kind, “so nice of you’
What brevity of the wit was writ on the mini screen?
And I thought “a reply, but only words, and words -so few?”
While I was feeling happy at the ink so green——
Ah! Who is to blame for this fallen broken communication?
Who ever thought of raising partitions in a high house construction?
And above all, Nature did not make me so tall
I tried my best to throw the letter high across the wall.
If only I would have been like Thisbe, to speak or see through it–
Or fine fellow Romeo or soft sweet Jerry Juliet
I wish on the beautiful balcony, we had simply- just met;
How you spent all this time
What thoughts crossed your heart and mind?
When the letter you did not find-
That I was insincere- created a shiver of fear
Maybe brought to the eye, a tear
‘I will never be so near To someone ever again’
I can not bear this stress strain and pain,
Again again and again; You thought-OH I have work to do
I simply can not give time to you—who are you and why you, you—
And I, ME Myself-lifted my heavy self
and thought of my thought enhancer-
My Mother! The remover of encumbrancer,
The kind calm patient motivation romancer,
AH -But herself suffering from the Big C cancer,
Would never ever get better, ever–
Taught me the lost art of writing letters;
And placing phrases words and thoughts in phonetic fetters;
I wish I had learnt the art of hurling the discus discs
From the Romans Italians and the great athletic Greeks
AH Then, you would have received my forlorn forsaken epistle
And I would have, to inform you, blown a little whistle;
WHEEEEE” Your post is flung across the Berlin Divide –
Come, Princess! Potentate Doctorate! Rise and Collect!
Take time out to write a reply lest the neighbor forever forget;
I never knew…

(PS: Thisbe Romeo Juliet – Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays)