~ Softly Serene,The Rose Whispered…~

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Why art thou so forlorn?

                                                                                                                    why hast thou kept secret

the words penned with love,

and I wonder why God made

us roses to bear the silent woes

remaining on our stems and toes’

All our life we  live with thorns

life is short we wither away soon

 sooner when cruelty plucks

plucked we petal away, fall-

fallen we are crushed

yet we  share,other’s crushes

accept the deep breaths

of  emotional spirits;

why do I see this open page

in this state for hours long

what words make the wrong

what soul  hurts the heart, strong?

I may change colors

my love remains the same

I  hear each day a name

pouring poems on the screen

I wonder whether the work

is seen”

waiting for answers is ordained

may come may not come

so why not hold the one

who is close’

for beauty must fade

and life must shade

Look ,before I wither ‘

I am the Beautiful Rose


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