~ I Think I Should Stop Making Friends ~

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I think I should stop making friends
I think I should stop thinking of friends
Who are friends anyway, now I think?
They are special we like of human beings;

The friend I believed I had found and made
Turned out to be as stiff as a spade
Whatever I tried to do, she forbade
Slowly my love was in the graveyard laid;

She had an allergy to the word ‘love’
This I learnt from the stars above
She had no time or tide or to hide, a cove
I believe killed it was with the ‘peace dove’

What do friends have to do any way
To be a friend to go or stay
To give to talk to smile and play
To think to share to spare and pray;

Why are people so afraid to care
To let others in their life so fair
Why do they hide and just stare
And try to show that they can dare;

My friend I thought was my friend
was always giving me advice,to mend
To be my age as I am so nice, and
To see my own family at my own end;

She said ‘all are sick in this world’
This hit me direct and felt so blunt
She told me to go look and hunt
For another to love, OH what a taunt!

Why did I ever think of her as a friend
I liked her the way she thought and talked
I liked her work and the way she laughed
And that was more than God could send.

And all this time she kept asking me why?
I loved her and that it was a lie’
It was all a blackmail and a trick
And that I was old and surely an addict.

And now I am back in my room
All alone with God and the moon
from time to time my eyes overflow
my heart is heavy and my fears grow;

why did God make love
from the Heavens above
why did God make a heart and
for what kept it empty and apart?

Now I have rested my case…

Now I have rested my case in a casket
And put all flowers wishes In the basket,
and no more will I spare,words,poems
Time for someone else to read or share
The love that The Almighty has shown
Is for the fortunate to receive and own;

It is for Him that all thoughts must be
Or the poor, the hungry, and the needy,
I read somewhere long before, forgot
Two is company, three is a crowd,
To Dust and Him is our return,
He is the truest Friend of friends-
to Him we must bow and bend-
for as the great poet says too
‘In my beginning, is my end’


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