In Response to Brenda’s Wordle 123~ Way Down South ~


Way down South

pieces of land in waters sink

my people are forced  to the brink

Way down South the rivers flow to

irrigate  arid land, to make crops grow

but way down South there are pieces

of flesh, rivers of blood, cries of fear

biters? no, killers, shooters spring out’

just out at people,on buses, roads, trains

no one can filter the evil from the crowd

the bang of blast of crash is so loud’

‘when will enough be enough’

 hatred fierce abides, the bleeding dying

cries’ Hark’Hark’ The killer Rides’

Way Down South The Founder Father



I know for I can hear-he is not at Peace

His Soul Trembles His Spirit Cries’

Way Down South…..

Killing continues as Time flies….


In Response to Brenda’s Wordle 122 ~ Dreams of Quinquereme ~



 Strange are the nights with visions

of gleaming  fleams

piercing screams

no more cool and nestled are

sunbeam and moonbeam

in space, remember?

NO No  Blaspheme” No’

one cannot swim upstream

but sink by degrees over

a period of unknown years

like King Odysseus who lost

his ship drunk without fears’

timeless oblivion

easily persuaded in pleasure sunk;

‘Stay stay ‘ keep the ship straight’

be in ‘septime  firmfooted on floor

there is no door on the seas’

Pay Tribute to the Controlling Breeze

with love in the ‘heart that is free’

Sail on Sail on  on ample space

‘Beware ‘the ship may drown in Tarim’

Sail on sail on ‘ ready is the harvest

of Berseem’

And I dream on of Quinquereme’