‘Very Parfit Gentle Knight’


       Yes I was I  am the Knight

   The very parfit gentle Knight

   who fought in many wars and

   won many a stormy fight

   Yes I am the Knight’

   My place is now in history books

   In museums roads or central nooks

   In movies old and remade ones

   My sword is replaced by auto-guns

   Yes I am the parfit gentle Knight’

   No more do I find My Lady’s Grace

   no damsels in distress or dug ditches

   no princesses in towers locked up high

   I find all  lovely’  turned into witches;

   So where do I go for the finer stitches’

   Said the gals lovely’ Oh thats unfair and wrong

   ‘we the damsels have become bold and strong’

    we are the knights for our own sake n selves

     our brave story books are now on the shelves’

      we are the best and great women of the town’

      The knight is right that he is gentle

      but who is the actual  intellectual mental

      the time is not of physical matter

      more on the mind and ideas to shatter

      method and tricks have changed for the better’

       Said the knight so gentle and parfit’

        I am happy to see the change and sit

        on the pages of books with respect

        I wish to keep my figure and intellect

        Be happy All, I am the gentle Knight after All’

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