In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 127 ~ Cradle of Civilization ~

WORDS for writing

peering cradle spirits clues pile rash claws apples three stories exile secret



why do I  love so much  the apple pie

I am not anyone’s apple of the eye

I may be the apple’ Ah’ in the high pile

tucked or crushed with a secret,may lie’

No one will ever have  or find a clue

what made me red , what made me blue

I never slept or rocked in a baby’s  cradle

my peaceful nest was attacked,its true’

shocked quiet innocent and shaken

I was across the barbed wire taken

promised freedom was in fact an exile

new life began in elegant refugee style.


what fires rage in the cradle of civilization

rivers of blood flow with the  desecration

not  Three, but hundreds leave stories behind

footsteps have replaced the ‘Claws of a Nation’

peering crying weary eyes,no flash,

fleshy pieces of bodies fly ‘n crash

death is rampant, all condemnation

what is wrong in the Cradle of Civilization ?




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