~ The Deadly K ~


‘Like flies to wanton boys are we’? No,time is in a spin’
something is more rotten in many states than just one’

It is the thrill of speed and the sight of human blood
It is the obsession to cut and probe the unseen-

It was a case of the ‘heir’ or the birth of a female’
It was the need for food and desire to hunt and seek’
It was the will to fight  conquer, to rule an empire

It is now to just loot and kill
It is just for blood to spill

It is just to shoot and fire
It is just to pay and hire
It is just to show satire
It is just to dig in mire

Kill Kill Kill Drink Drink Drink
Do not think what is the link
This is it on the brink
Do not think,just fill fill fill

First after Friday prayers
in the hall on the stairs
now on easy lazy Saturdays
fearful services on Sundays

Is there any day left to shake ?
The Earth will do the Earthquake.


Then what is it that makes the Kill?

retribution jealousy ancient enimity

You too Brutus ‘ you too neighbor’

eating sleeping or in premature labor


Hail Horror Hail’ ‘its  Satan’  or who so cruel

would spill blood and carry it on the shoe

it is no duel nor an elegant  equal fight

it is who ever has the ‘Might’ It is Right’

No more the Greek ideal state

no more the grand oration but fate

all then is destiny as the First Ever Call

whatever will get higher higher  , taller

is surely surely bound to Fall’

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