~ The Story Basket ~

‘This bag of wool must be sorted,either used or shall I give them away’ these thoughts troubled her every time she opened the cupboard and set eyes on the entangled various sized colorful clusters rolled up in different shapes

‘These are left overs’ this green reminds me of my friend the one I met in the examination hall.She was knitting and that attracted my attention’Oh she loves knitting too’

the dark green is from the pullover I made for my son when he was six years old…and then came the grandchildren….so soon..

How time passes…we knit and knit and one day children too are grownup…no more babies…then the babies too grow up

..why have I saved these colored balls for so many years?

don’t you see?

they teach you values’


yes, the value of life…the colors the warmth, the love and the relationships

The memories of childhood are all woven into these fiber strands.

Each color has its own value like each child….

and like these leftovers all preserved we have the good things the good memories the good deeds that will always bring color to the lives of the families.

Each strand knitted into a garment brings joy love and tenderness.It strengthens the bonds of love and sharing and so much more…

last of all there is the satisfaction of making something for a loved one, the joy of creativity and the blending of color and design…

and so I love this basket…which tells me so many stories…

and the blessings of the Lord …as I keep adding color to the basket.

What joyful stories knitted into the basket…

No wolf can take them away……………….






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