~ In Response to Brenda’s Wordle 130 ~ ‘Not the Vulpecula’

images (1)images

Born on the edge,in dark chaos

unknown apparent world

as he sat regretful with loss;

what  fury thunder rages

sharp lightning so engages

why did he not heed the sages?

eternity encircles  circular

what binds the jewels bar

is he awake or asleep, so far?

know not if desert or peninsular

will emerge with Truthful Light

who will mend the deep scar

of  guilt at being beguiled

in sleepy drunken state

for forbidden sin exiled-

expecting merciful forgiveness

hopeful he sat still shuffling

Ah ‘The Trump’should he confess?

A voice a Prophets call’

Repent, bear the tragic fall

perpetually observed you are

this is a trial a chance to prove

your faith  strong ‘n spectacular

‘Follow the Lamb not the Vulpecula’

Words to use : drunkard expected trumps thunder edge world sleepy born circles prophet binds mends

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