O Posiedon’ why the ‘Calm in Poetic Oceans


O’ Posiedon where art thou?

Must be resting for the sea is calm

or are you worried  for

a part of you ‘The Land’

is getting out of hand’

the brown and green is turning

 red-crimson is all over the dead’

O ‘ Ceres I can hear you weep

the silence of death is so deep’

all  places with bodies are filling

why and who is doing all this killing?

reluctance abhorrence wither

acceptance and forgiveness?

O Athena  leave us not alone’

we need you like Odysseus did

 war n wars continue God Forbid’

the Sea Serpent may swallow’

O Mankind ‘Time is Coming’

Truth will prevail -we must follow

The Quest for The Holy Grail’

O Poetic Oceans  Awake Arise’

Continue the work Pray

You will not fail’

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