I Close My Eyes to See ~

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every moment a tiptoe sounds

I close my eyes to see

as I feel the page

as words take shape and form

my thoughts encircle the song

inside the circle of the dance

is it the dancer or the dance?

Ah! only  my soul knows

Only my heart can see-

I close my eyes to look

up from the book  

at the love of purity

which is but a scent sweet

I reach out to touch

Nothingness ‘

Ah The presence in Nothingness’

Love of Eternity ‘


closer than the thorn is to the rose

growing from dust

glowing in the dust

dust to dust we rose

engulfed  spirits in time

destined together to repose…

arms spread out to receive

like the scattered petals

of the beloved rose…..

my eyes on the book I close

the dancer moved bent and rose….

life  went on, life goes….


Love Unseen



                                                                                                   met so many saw so many smiled at some

uncounted moments spent in sharing

laughter innocent feelings

which led to healing

sad heavy pains of loneliness

who saw all this?

it was the rose, the flower sweet scented

fragile  than a flake

tender than a drop

softer than life itself

the days like petals fell

time passed unseen

love remained invisible

till in came the rose and showed all

smiled with so many made so many happy

performed well its duty

surrendered to fate ~ fell to tell

the story  crushed under the feet

petals merged sank in, remained sweet

withered but not …a retreat

love unseen …needs a rose ~

There is The Difference between heaven and Hell


In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~149 ~ Only I could see…

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Only I could see

ethereal celestial form

Invisible  yet discernible

on a course unmarked yet defined

Only I could see

appearing and disappearing or

perhaps wearing the Ring of Gyges

No, it is,  The Wind of Faith

blown freely for All ~

Can All see? All must see…

As I …

The winds did sing to me

Gracefully, a name, The Trustworthy

Only I could see in the clouds,then

bearing the trials muggings tests

sticking to The Truth

‘peep not, O Lost One’ The clouds loudly call’

Come, the eggs are about to hatch ‘

I wish All to see’

The Farm is alive again

Gone will be the misery and the pain.

The Words

In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 148 ~ ‘Wages’, she said

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 ‘Wages ‘ she dared to say’

‘wages please,I need the pay’

Later’ later’ finish laying the bricks

‘get back to work

stop playing stale tricks’

‘I have to be brave’ she thought

I work in the open all day

‘I no steal, I am no’caught’

Still, I am without support’

Oh how wonderful  were the days

of the ‘giving court’

but that is a tragic sad tale

‘the party long over

mind frame changed- a new cover’

no one is safe from the deadly virus

‘where art thou O Zeus Jupiter’ Osirus’

‘are we calling up the Long Lost Oracle?

or shall we like Odysseus set sail ?

Sixty or fourteen -years are going by

are we then destined to fail?

‘Wages ? ….in time’ ?

Hail Horror Hail’………