In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 148 ~ ‘Wages’, she said

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 ‘Wages ‘ she dared to say’

‘wages please,I need the pay’

Later’ later’ finish laying the bricks

‘get back to work

stop playing stale tricks’

‘I have to be brave’ she thought

I work in the open all day

‘I no steal, I am no’caught’

Still, I am without support’

Oh how wonderful  were the days

of the ‘giving court’

but that is a tragic sad tale

‘the party long over

mind frame changed- a new cover’

no one is safe from the deadly virus

‘where art thou O Zeus Jupiter’ Osirus’

‘are we calling up the Long Lost Oracle?

or shall we like Odysseus set sail ?

Sixty or fourteen -years are going by

are we then destined to fail?

‘Wages ? ….in time’ ?

Hail Horror Hail’……… 


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