~ In Response to Poets United ~

Poets United ~Midweek Motif ~ Happy Birthday

Everyone and everything I know of has a birthday.  Today I ask you to celebrate a specific birth in honor of Spring which officially begins tomorrow, March 20th on the vernal Equinox.   Choose someone or thing you want to think about; choose yourself or someone you love; or choose a day you gave birth to a baby or to an idea.   Consider making your poem a birthday song.

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Dear Teacher Happy Birthday~

Today I think of you with feelings true

with all grace respect and reverence’

Teacher, I saw you, a paragon of excellence
dignity and grace; above all
inspiration and confidence . . . abounding;
Teacher I knew then, the load of books would be light,
the road to knowledge would be bright,
ignorant darkness lit up . . . astounding;
Teacher, you gave me strength courage and hope,
as fear melted with time, lost vigor came . . . rebounding;
But Teacher, why did you turn away for another world,
smiling far into the heavens,
leaving me with dark heavy clouds . . . surrounding;
OH teacher, now where shall I find,
Your confident smile, Your inspiring approach,
Your words of hope, that made my task so easy;
My steps are heavy with despair . . . mounting;
Dear Teacher, listen, if you can . . . I shall try to reach my goal;
Without you . . . the path is hard to traverse and cold,
Your thoughts are All the Strength, I hold;
If I succeed, I will know, the pain will go,
The sun will shine, bright and fair,

Teacher Dear, you were always there.


~ When flying, for the Unseen, it gets dark ~

Do they not observe the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them in? None can uphold them except (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly it is He that watches over all things.

Surah Mulk 67: 19

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The Only One who Knows

is The One-

when flying for the unseen it gets dark

Look up at what we call the Sky

in time when sun rises high

Behold the Sun in glorious gold

Look up  and see jewels shine

with one large silver orb

serving all with changed forms

Look ‘ yet do not find the end or edge

nor the ringed roof,nor the ledge

exhaustion seeps in  the eyes

unseen unknown magnificence lies

infinity boundless eternal flies

high and low shallow and deep

Who can save  rescue and  afloat keep?

Only He Who Holds All Power’

O Ye People do you not see?

Oceans oceans oceans vast

no one knows where the iron bird

is placed sunk or cast’

But see ‘ who holds the Flying One

as the wings expand and contract

so strong and yet so soft,

The Almighty  Only, keeps them aloft’

we need to we must  with patience stay

may peace come to the waiting  hearts

happiness and ease , all we hope

and All we together,pray.


In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 152 ~ O’ Posiedon, in Fathomless Instability



‘IT is Ordained

‘Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return

Be not slack for one bit moment

fuss not on a saltless bite

or  soup like wetness in rice

One can see apples oranges sweet

in the lower shelf near the seat

vanishing invisible becoming unseen

not a plop to the ears from the scene

Like towers fell,  is  the fate same?

All that rises  plays the Falling Game

all that is tall today , is to be tomorrow,small-

is it to degrade a name?

Cruel is not the sea? Ah’ ask Posiedon

He will tell the sea is made by man

A hell’ squeezing fish oil and gel….

building cities islands as tsunamis swell….

what strips of green’ what trees of shade

can one on water and sand make a glade?

O ‘Man so astray -time to Repent

Time to pray, Time to forgive Time to Turn

To the True Path The Straight Way’

the Candle has burned and cried all night

the wick is beginning to flicker’

O’Posiedon Tell Us ‘ Save All from the agony

Hearts are in pain souls are grieving like twisted wicker

The Wordle….


SCRABBLE ! And I Love You So…


O Scrabble ‘ and I love you so

people ask me how?

How I have lived till now

and I say

Its the game I play

a seven letter word

goes straight to the heart

inspiring n tingling for

a fresh new start

Ah my opponent is  skillfully splendid

flies with words beautiful

I seem exhausted of all

verbal and textual

I may strike the rowel and dig

with many trowels

O what to do next?

as what I have on the rack

are All Vowels’

No matter what letters I may mess

love of language will never grow less

O Scrabble Dear’

Play on Go On, Go On

you make the mind peaceful

and ease all the stress’

you ease all the

March Madness and So It Happens

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The morning sun appeared partly hidden by light clouds,

 the cold which keeps turning one to the special hot ‘cup of tea’

warmth seeps in from the china cup , cupped in the hands

See how the power of the sun is reduced?

Nearby helicopter base loudly throws the machine vibrations

in the air,

almost warlike ,as if preparing to fly off

and track down trouble makers.

Amid all this one can hear

the soft twittering of the birds

on the single tree, bare as these are the  days;

they, the birds seem happy,

satisfied, so heartening to see them

picking on the scarce crumbs put out for them

 contented and satisfying their need for food

This is a home a terrace, a piece of land

hard cold dry yet warm for its a home

As I sit and sip my heart is heavy

For my eyes see the vast open seas

 I am afraid,  I hope I pray

May Allah show mercy as He is

The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

May the seas reveal what man seeks

May solace reach all who are sorrowful

May those astray be guided rightly

May the sun smile and shine brightly

and keep all warm with peace and love


~In Response to the Win & Kill’ ~ If it be not now ~


What a Win ! What a Kill !

What a shock ! What a thrill !

What game was fixed

What plot to hatch

O What a Match ‘

They came ‘In’ a burqa batch ‘

Shots fired in sixes and elevens

sent high in the skies

-sent high up to the Heavens

‘ Where bodies rise with shouts of joy to fill

–the stadium,

where bloody bodies fall in courts

 numb and still

Shots from the bat,

Shots from the gun…Run Elisa Run..

.Run batsman run ..more fun more fun…

.no more shrieks but screams and cries..

Run Elisa Run-

the Game has just begun….

Who thinks about or is thinking?

Afia Malala Salala , Ah Fizza’

O’ Lala, O’ Lala O’ Lala?

Time to Rise Time to Call

Time to Surrender  All Saloonic Charms

Time to surrender for Peace All

ammunition and arms’

No guns no guns no guns

‘just runs runs runs and runs’

Let it be the ball n bat and not bullet’

Death will come anyway…

if it be not now-yet it will come’

Who passed this way unknown…

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who passed this way unknown unseen

was it the one the heart seeks

each moment each step  with

each beat each tiptoe as the foot

slips the spirit staggers, fearful yet


who left the blood,the love drops

dropping uncontrolled like tears

 cutting  gripping grief

drenching the soul,

torn apart

O tender life let me touch,

can the pain be eased  by comfort?

who shall come again ?

do these tracks have a home?

No one saw, who passed this way

silent dust swept and settled

memories flashed, crushed away

like  flowers abandoned but not

forgotten, nor could ever be

where is the promised land?

does this way lead to it?

nowhere nowhere is the end

the eyes just see a curve, a bend’

as numbness creeps up-

stilling making cold the worldly clay

who passed this way?

the quest continues the question remains…..