Who passed this way unknown…

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who passed this way unknown unseen

was it the one the heart seeks

each moment each step  with

each beat each tiptoe as the foot

slips the spirit staggers, fearful yet


who left the blood,the love drops

dropping uncontrolled like tears

 cutting  gripping grief

drenching the soul,

torn apart

O tender life let me touch,

can the pain be eased  by comfort?

who shall come again ?

do these tracks have a home?

No one saw, who passed this way

silent dust swept and settled

memories flashed, crushed away

like  flowers abandoned but not

forgotten, nor could ever be

where is the promised land?

does this way lead to it?

nowhere nowhere is the end

the eyes just see a curve, a bend’

as numbness creeps up-

stilling making cold the worldly clay

who passed this way?

the quest continues the question remains…..

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