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~In Response to the Win & Kill’ ~ If it be not now ~


What a Win ! What a Kill !

What a shock ! What a thrill !

What game was fixed

What plot to hatch

O What a Match ‘

They came ‘In’ a burqa batch ‘

Shots fired in sixes and elevens

sent high in the skies

-sent high up to the Heavens

‘ Where bodies rise with shouts of joy to fill

–the stadium,

where bloody bodies fall in courts

 numb and still

Shots from the bat,

Shots from the gun…Run Elisa Run..

.Run batsman run ..more fun more fun…

.no more shrieks but screams and cries..

Run Elisa Run-

the Game has just begun….

Who thinks about or is thinking?

Afia Malala Salala , Ah Fizza’

O’ Lala, O’ Lala O’ Lala?

Time to Rise Time to Call

Time to Surrender  All Saloonic Charms

Time to surrender for Peace All

ammunition and arms’

No guns no guns no guns

‘just runs runs runs and runs’

Let it be the ball n bat and not bullet’

Death will come anyway…

if it be not now-yet it will come’


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