March Madness and So It Happens

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The morning sun appeared partly hidden by light clouds,

 the cold which keeps turning one to the special hot ‘cup of tea’

warmth seeps in from the china cup , cupped in the hands

See how the power of the sun is reduced?

Nearby helicopter base loudly throws the machine vibrations

in the air,

almost warlike ,as if preparing to fly off

and track down trouble makers.

Amid all this one can hear

the soft twittering of the birds

on the single tree, bare as these are the  days;

they, the birds seem happy,

satisfied, so heartening to see them

picking on the scarce crumbs put out for them

 contented and satisfying their need for food

This is a home a terrace, a piece of land

hard cold dry yet warm for its a home

As I sit and sip my heart is heavy

For my eyes see the vast open seas

 I am afraid,  I hope I pray

May Allah show mercy as He is

The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

May the seas reveal what man seeks

May solace reach all who are sorrowful

May those astray be guided rightly

May the sun smile and shine brightly

and keep all warm with peace and love



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