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In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 152 ~ O’ Posiedon, in Fathomless Instability



‘IT is Ordained

‘Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return

Be not slack for one bit moment

fuss not on a saltless bite

or  soup like wetness in rice

One can see apples oranges sweet

in the lower shelf near the seat

vanishing invisible becoming unseen

not a plop to the ears from the scene

Like towers fell,  is  the fate same?

All that rises  plays the Falling Game

all that is tall today , is to be tomorrow,small-

is it to degrade a name?

Cruel is not the sea? Ah’ ask Posiedon

He will tell the sea is made by man

A hell’ squeezing fish oil and gel….

building cities islands as tsunamis swell….

what strips of green’ what trees of shade

can one on water and sand make a glade?

O ‘Man so astray -time to Repent

Time to pray, Time to forgive Time to Turn

To the True Path The Straight Way’

the Candle has burned and cried all night

the wick is beginning to flicker’

O’Posiedon Tell Us ‘ Save All from the agony

Hearts are in pain souls are grieving like twisted wicker

The Wordle….



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